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16519Re: [orthodox-synod] Question about interview with Patriarch Alexy

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  • gene703
    May 4, 2006
      Dear Fr. Alexander,

      Thank you for engaging in this discussion. I have a couple of questions I am sure everyone would like to have answered in order to clear the air before the sobor. I'll try to be as polite as possible.

      1. Communism officially fell in 1991 with the break up of USSR and election of a regional communist boss Mr. Yeltsin as a president of newly minted Russian Federation. Until 1999 you have continued to espouse and publish hard-core anti-patriarchate views not much different from my own (pick your own favorite quote). Then all of a sudden you have changed your mind. What prompted you personally to change your views back in 2000 ?

      2. You quote from Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky) "perhaps the need for the temporary independent existence of the Church Abroad would pass, and we would present all of our deeds in the past years to the scrutiny of a freely-convened All-Russian Council"

      As far as I know the last "freely-convened All-Russian Council" was convened in 1918 and it has been officially abolished by MP in 2000 and replaced by the Bishops council. Bishops who, let me be as diplomatic as I can, obtained their positions while Soviet Union was alive and well and the Russian Orthodox church was officially captive. Is Patriarch Alexy II and his Bishops qualified to scrutinize ROCOR ? Are they the Mother Church ?

      3. Sergianism. When asked about it Patriarch Alexy II chose to respond - "I spoke about it more than once, during the years when this was a relevant question for us in Russia, when we, finally, could say aloud what was bothering us. One does not wish to repeat endlessly something already said"

      Would you agree that this responce looks very mich like a classic stonewalling by an experienced lawyer ? Is there an Orthodox equivalent of a 5th amendment to the US Constitution against self-incrimination for Bishops ? Whatever happend to confession of sins ? Is this the kind of response one would expect from a practicing Christian ?

      The situation with unification looks very confusing to a lot of people. All kind of conspiracy theories fly around. This is not a unification in "love and truth" for a sizable chunk of our church members. Your answers will surely help some to make up their mind one way or another. I thank you very much in advance.

      Gene T

      "Fr. Alexander Lebedeff" <lebedeff@...> wrote:
      Gene wrote:

      >this is pure evil for those who still have their eyes open
      > this demon "patriarch" CAN NOT even talk about it
      > moleben for the end of Communism ?
      > He knows if he attempts something like this Devil will rip his
      > heart out on the spot
      > can't you hear the hissing ? see the forked tongue ?
      > are these the words of a Christian hierarch or a devil possessed lawyer ?

      Thank you, Gene, for revealing your idee fixe: the demonization of
      the Patriarch of Moscow and all members of the Moscow Patriarchate.

      > and while I am on the subject, the MP demons must have worked
      > some kind of black magic on the ROCOR Synod, why else would they
      > all change their views so sudently and so radically ? it's like if
      > George Bush all of a sudden started advocating for gay rights,
      > universal health care and a huge tax raises for the upper class

      Actually, the ROCOR Synod is remaining absolutely true to the
      fundamental principles of the Church Abroad, which state that it is a
      "temporary" institution, existing separately from the rest of the
      Russian Church until the fall of communism in Russia.

      Also, see the words of Metropolotan Anthony (Khrapovitsky), who wrote
      to Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky) in May of 1933:

      "Let the communists release all of the bishops, let them give full
      and real freedom to the Church, let them establish conditions where
      communication may become normal, so that a trip to Russia for each of
      us would not be tied to the threat of an inescapable and martyric
      death in the cellars of the GPU, and we could participate in a
      Bishops' Council (Sobor), then, perhaps the need for the temporary
      independent existence of the Church Abroad would pass, and we would
      present all of our deeds in the past years to the scrutiny of a
      freely-convened All-Russian Council."

      Metropolitan Philaret, in his time, also issued an Epistle, in which
      he outlined some ten or twelve conditions that would have to be met
      before we could reestablish relations with the Moscow Patriarchate.
      These included the freedom to open churches, monasteries and
      convents, to teach religion to children, to freely publish spiritual
      literature, etc. Every one of his conditions has now been met.

      With love in Christ,

      Prot. Alexander Lebedeff

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