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16480Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Evi [CHRIST IS RISEN!] dence of manipulation of the Russian Orthodox Church

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    May 1, 2006
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      And our discussion continues.

      > Vova: Adverserial??? Hmmmm. Must be that cossack blood! But I try
      > keeping it on point and polite. That could be the hussar blood.

      JRS: Bear in mind that at least one of our ROCOR bishops is a Don Cossack.

      > Vova: "On the same team," that would be everyone at the Sobor
      > correct?

      JRS: By "team" I meant representing this ROCOR Diocese (Chicago-Detroit Diocese).

      > Can I come?

      JRS: Now that sounds like the old Vova.

      Actually you can, but only the church services and a few other events are open to non-delegates (I believe there is a listing at the Sobor website).

      > By the way Father did you happen to see Father Gregoii's letter to
      > Metropolitan Lavr?

      JRS: Fr. Gregori or Fr. Georgii?

      > but please do not react to the Web site (Metropolitan Anthony
      > Society).

      JRS: The Metropolitan Anthony Society recently split into two societies: a "moderate" one headed by Eugene Magerovsky, and a "radical" one headed by George M. Soldatov.

      > Unfortunately it is only in Russian.

      JRS: I speak, read, write, and also give weekly sermons in Russian.

      > One question was (I will paraphrase)"If the MP must repent fine but
      > what about you - ROCOR members - what will you repent?"

      JRS: That was my question while Metropolitan Vitaly was our First Hierarch.

      > He also said that he perceived the preparations for the Sobor and
      > more so in regard to the Commision meetings were being kept in too
      > much secrecy.

      JRS: I think that, at first, they simply did not want to have every word they said attacked and distorted by "certain circles".

      However, the fact that the meetings were being kept private was itself made into an issue. So now a good deal has been made public, even though I don't think the sesssions were taped. Even if they had been, it would take someone from now till after the Sobor to view all the recorded sessions, even if they could do so nonstop and without sleep.

      > Finally, he thought that while it sets a great
      > example for Russia our Sobor has few laity. He said that if it were
      > up to him he would send even more laypeople. Maybe and when/if the
      > MP has a Sobor it will actually allow a larger participation of the
      > laity.

      JRS: Most of our parishioners today in Milwaukee are new arrivals from Russia. I notice that they take NO interest in such things: I tried hard to get people to attend the annual parish meeting, but the best I could do was get them to come to the dinner that preceded it. When the actual meeting began, the last of them slipped out, and we had only a handful of "old emigres".

      > Actually we
      > still do not have a list of delegates posted on the Sobor Web site.
      > Why is that?

      JRS: Your guess is as good as mine.

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
      CoreComm Webmail.

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