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16410Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: What the ROCOR-bashers want

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    Apr 9, 2006
      Vladimir Kozyreff wrote:

      > In doing so [approving potential bishops], would the MP act as mother Church or as sister

      JRS: I don;t recall anyone saying that the MP would become a "sister Church".

      The need for the approval is because the ROCOR bishops would take part in meetings of the
      Moscow Synod (without MP bishops taking part in the ROCOR Synod).

      So on that basis, ROCOR would have a voice in governing the Moscow Patriarchate. That is
      why the Patriarchate (or the Patriarch) would need to approve.

      > Do you still hold that the contemplated unia would be a "cessation of
      > disunion without changing of allegiance"? Which allegiance is it going to
      > be?

      JRS: I said something like that several months ago. If I wrote "allegiance", it might better be
      put, "without change of administration" (of ROCOR).

      How would you define our "allegiance" up to now?

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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