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16338Rocor Autonomy will be on the model of UOC/MP?

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  • isbnnbsi
    Apr 4, 2006
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      Fr. John Shaw confirms that Rocor will be subordinate to the
      hierarchy of the Moscow Patriarchate in all critical matters when he
      says that the autonomy Rocor will enjoy will be similar to the
      autonomy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/MP. I have been living in
      Ukraine for more than 2 years. The autonomy experienced here is in
      name only. It is nominal. A good example of the subordination of
      UOC/MP occurred during the presidential elections here in 2004. The
      position of the Kremlin during those elections was sharply in favor
      of Mr. Yanukovich. The activities of the UOC/MP were strongly in
      favor of Mr. Yanukovich. These activities included using church
      grounds to distribute pro-Yanukovich material, parishioners in
      Donetsk being threatened with not being permitted to Commune for a
      period of time if they did not vote for Yanukovich, and politically
      motivated sermons. The Archbishop of Kirovograd made a public
      statement in which he said that the Mother of God appeared to him
      several times telling him that Yanukovich would be President. The
      Metropolitan of Donetsk was one of those who were on a podium at a
      conference in Severo-Donetsk which protested the fact that Mr.
      Yanukovich was not inaugurated as President following the fraudulent
      second round of presidential elections. The behavior of the church
      here was such (so out of line with Orthodox principles) that Marat
      Gelman, a Russian political advisor to Yanukovich, said publicly
      that the MP -- he made no distinction between the UOC/MP and MP --
      had lost substantial legitimacy in Ukraine. Needless to say, these
      types of activities by the UOC/MP are blatant examples of Sergianism.
      That is the type of "autonomy" that may well be in store for Rocor.
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