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16337Re: What the ROCOR-bashers want

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  • Fr. Alex Kotar
    Apr 4, 2006
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      MP's approval of ROCOR's bishops is necessary due to the provisions
      that ROCOR bishops would particiapte in MP's Synods and Bishop's
      Councils (while no MP bishops would participate in ROCOR's Synods
      and Councils). A candidate can only be rejected on canonical
      grounds, i.e. if the candidate is canonically unsuitable for the
      position in the first place.

      One can love someone or something so much as to sufficate it and
      squeeze all the life out of it. It would not take a long search to
      find examples of parents who so loved their children that they
      completely destroyed the child's will and the child became unable to
      function as a person. It seems that some love ROCOR so much that
      they would like to stifle its natural life so that it would become
      like some of the progeny that it unfortunately spawned, i.e. the old
      calendarist sectarians, the Suzdal schism and ROCIE. Focus on and
      love the 'Orthodox' as opposed to the 'Outside' in ROCOR.

      Fr. Alex

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, michael nikitin
      <nikitinmike@...> wrote:
      > The Soviets picked the MP's hierarchy and now this Soviet picked
      > Patriarch will approve all our first hierarch's of ROCOR. The MP
      not only received recognition from ROCOR, but will have to approve
      the first hierarch. If the first
      > hierarch is not to their liking they will not approve him.
      > I don't suppose Fr.John will anticipate any infractions as he
      will be
      > one in spirit with those who will choose his leader. The
      > of ROCOR who will have to be approved by the MP. He will owe his
      > fierst hierarchy to the Patriarch of the MP and will never leave
      the MP for any infraction. This will be the New ROCOR created by
      the MP.
      > Fr.John, I love ROCOR, and defend her against those who blindly
      lead her to
      > be depended on those who say they are her friends, but steal her
      > in Jerusalem and are in the ecumenistic organization WCC. These
      robbers who you defend.
      > I defend ROCOR, Fr.John defends the MP.
      > Michael N
      > "Fr. John R. Shaw" <vrevjrs@...> wrote: Regarding:
      > > 1) The top brass of communists were not prosecuted as were
      the Nazi's.
      > > They still occupy Russia under a different name which is
      > > because a change of a name fools many into believeing
      things have changed.
      > > If Fr.John changed his name to Fr.Igor, he would be the same
      Fr.John under a
      > > different name.
      > JRS: Of course, Russia was not a conquered country, as was
      > But after the breakup of the Soviet Union, the communist party
      was outlawed for a time. It
      > still exists (headed by Gennady Ziuganov, who is an Orthodox
      Christian, despite calling
      > himself a communist).
      > > 2) When ROCOR joins the MP, the Bishops of ROCOR will
      have to be approved by the
      > MP. ROCOR will be dependent on the MP for it's Hierarchy.
      ROCOR's hierarch's will be run by
      > the MP. They certainly will not approve a bishop who doesn't
      agree with them.
      > JRS: No. ROCOR will be (like the Church in the Ukraine, for
      instance) completely autonomous,
      > but the Patriarch is to approve the next Metropolitan. Bishops
      will not have to be approved.
      > > 3) Once ROCOR joins the MP and then leaves because of some
      infraction, they will be
      > labelled schismatics. Just as ROCOR labels those who leave
      them. ROCOR will never be
      > trusted as it had been under it's previous hierarch's.
      > JRS: I do not anticipate there will be any "infraction".
      > But as for "trusting ROCOR", her attackers (I believe Michael
      Nikitin falls in that category, too)
      > have been trying to undermine all trust in our hierarchy for a
      very long time.
      > > 4) How can we trust our bishops when they don't trust the
      > JRS: Are they really "your" bishops? Somehow I don't get that
      > > 6) We are not Roman Catholics ,that we believe everything
      our bishops do and say.
      > Bishops are human and can make mistakes, not to mention
      influenced by their position. God
      > gave us the gift of discernment to use in situations like these.
      > JRS: Yes, God gave the gift of discernment; but Satan's input
      lies in disinformation and
      > character assassination.
      > In Christ
      > Fr. John R. Shaw
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