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16315Re: [orthodox-synod] Who are the Pharisees???

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    Apr 1, 2006
      Vova Lutchenkov wrote:

      > I was saddened to see only two responses/reactions to my question
      > (post #16284) regarding "private."

      JRS: Dear Vova, I've been active on the internet lists now for 8 years, and during the very first
      season I saw how naive I had been about people, responses, and "confidentiality".

      Just as some "become a different person" at the wheel of their car, so there are those who
      "become different people" on the internet.

      There are two internet lists that are really "private", only for ROCOR clergy. Before the ROCOR
      Sobors of 2000 and 2001, some of us priests used a clergy list to discuss writing a letter to
      the Sobor about the Moscow Patriarchate. Although the forum was supposed to be
      confidential, "persons unknown" forwarded certain messages, presented in a deliberately
      misleading way, to a website that used this material to attack ROCOR.

      > In addition, no one asked what
      > was it that I discovered posted on a blog that came directly from
      > this list and I viewed as a disservice to our church and the United
      > States.

      JRS: I can guess what website that would have been: "Monastery Press"?

      > Oh and as far as the graphic is concerned it seems that I am not
      > able to post it or embed it as part of this e-mail. It was posted
      > along with two postings from this "private" list on an open Orthodox
      > blog. I found it offensive. If anyone is interested I will send it
      > to you directly if you e-mail me with a request

      JRS: Can that have been Bro. Nathaniel's blog?

      The one with "666" inserted onto Metropolitan Laurus' klobuk?

      The Gospel account of the scribes and Pharisees trying to trap Christ in His words, often
      reminds me of similar behavior seen on some of these lists: by the "zealots" who attack
      ROCOR or ROCOR's policies.

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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