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16313RE: [orthodox-synod] Struggling with the issue of the MP in the WCC

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  • Lutchenkov, Dimitri
    Apr 1, 2006
      I have been passively reading the questions and responses for the last
      couple of weeks and just can not keep quiet and on the sidelines any
      longer. Fr. John's response that "The Moscow Patriarchate and other
      members are not bound by the statements of the WCC." is akin to saying
      that belonging to the Nazi party or communist party is OK because one is
      not bound by their decrees or positions. The fact is if you do not
      support the goals and positions of the organization then you should not
      be in it. If you partcipate and are a mamber of an organization then
      you de facto support that organization.

      I am not well versed in the organization "Faith and Order Conference"
      that was reorganized as the WCC but the response provided is very
      misleading and attempts to redirect the reader from the subject. By
      stating that ROCOR was in an organization that later morphed into WCC
      does not by any stretch of the imagination condone or approve the WCC.
      By stating that other churches that left the WCC are still attacked by
      others again does not condone or approve the WCC. The bottom line is
      that ROCOR does not approve or support the WCC and we should not be
      involved with anyone who is a member of the WCC. There are no word
      games that smooth this over or avoid this fact.


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      >Being part
      > of the WCC and agreeing to the positions above seems to me like a
      > major sell-out of our faith and witness. It is also a change from
      > the position ROCOR has taken on this subject for many years.

      JRS: The Moscow Patriarchate and other members are not bound by the
      statements of the

      > Why isn't the complete pull-out of the WCC a pre-requisite for
      > union? If the MP is against the branch theory why are they not
      > pulling out on their own given the official positions noted above?
      > Why not take an observer status position like the Catholics if they
      > feel a need to be part of this effort on a social basis?

      JRS: It would be helpful if they did that; but withdrawal by the
      Georgian and Bulgarian
      Churches has not stopped the radical breakaway groups that attack them.

      Remember that ROCOR itself was a full, founding member of the
      organization ("Faith and
      Order Conference") that was reorganized as the WCC. Yet we survived...

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw

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