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16309Re: [orthodox-synod] Struggling with the issue of the MP in the WCC

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  • Gilbert Gamboa
    Mar 31, 2006
      forgive me if im wrong and please feel free to correct my words, but i was told be a reliable source of a Priest that The Mp during the persecutions of Russia was being backed up by WCC and its thru them(WCC) that the church was able to breathe a little-Thus becoming again on its own, so its as if they feel obliged to be a part of it today...

      gnmacris <gmacris@...> wrote: All, I am a new member of this message board and a parishioner of
      the ROCOR Church in Seattle. I am struggling a bit with the
      potential upcoming union with the MP because of their membership in
      the WCC. I am hoping to gain some wisdom on this subject from the
      members of this list.

      I've spent the last couple days going through the WCC web site to
      find out more about the latest WCC assembly. I found some pretty
      shocking documents that have come out of the WCC central committee
      of which the MP is a member. This link below is a pseudo Nicene
      Creed essentially espousing the basis of unity for all
      the "Churches" in the WCC.


      This second link is the adopted message coming out of this latest

      Let me quote from this document:
      Transform us in the offering of ourselves so that we may be your
      partners in transformation
      to strive for the full, visible unity of the one Church of Jesus

      I know there are many good things coming out of the Russian Church.
      However, I'm struggling with the notion of being part of a Church
      that belongs and participates fully in this organization. Being part
      of the WCC and agreeing to the positions above seems to me like a
      major sell-out of our faith and witness. It is also a change from
      the position ROCOR has taken on this subject for many years.

      Why isn't the complete pull-out of the WCC a pre-requisite for
      union? If the MP is against the branch theory why are they not
      pulling out on their own given the official positions noted above?
      Why not take an observer status position like the Catholics if they
      feel a need to be part of this effort on a social basis?

      What am I missing here? Thanks, Greg

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