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16181new to canada in need of Rocor church

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  • Gilbert Gamboa
    Mar 7, 2006
      I have a friend couple who just moved to Thunder Bay Canada- northwest coast of lake superior and are in need of the closest Rocor church, does anyone know canada that can direct us to the closest Rocor Church

      Protopriest David Moser <moserd@...> wrote:
      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, morechoff@... wrote:
      > A couple of question on the All-Diaspora Council to be held in May 6 -14.

      I can't answer all the questions - but I will share what I know:
      First, I guessing that a lot of the information you are asking about will be on the website www.sobor2006.com but right now that website is still under construction.

      > 1. Is there a list of participants that is available and can be shared?

      I assume there is a complete list somewhere but afaik it hasn't been published. The names of the delegates chosen by each of the various dioceses have been published in various reports, but not a single list all in one place.

      > 2. Will all the Bishops be attending from day 1 (May 6th)?

      One would assume since this is an opportunity them to hear the voices of the poeple. They were all present every day at the all diaspora clergy conference in Nyack.

      > 3. Is there an agenda available?

      The schedule will be posted on the website

      > 4. Are there members of the clergy/laity that are not the ones selected by the dioceses participating by presenting speeches/views?

      yes, the speakers will not necessarily be elected delegates.

      > 5. Will there be daily announcements issued on the proceedings and will they be posted on the internet?

      Don't know.

      > 6. Will the council be video taped? It will be a historical occasion.

      Don't know

      > 7. How will the meeting work? What will happen during the 9 days? Why 9 days? Will it take all 9 days? What happens if on Day 1 a vote is taken and all are against working with MP? What will happen day to day? Are there working documents that need to be approved by the council? Will there be sub committees formed to determine what the next step(s) will be? Will the council determine a timeline for events that need to occur? For example, communion for ROCOR members will be allowed in MP churches on Day X, on day Y clergy of both churches can concelebrate, etc.

      9 days to encompass 2 weekends so that we can begin with liturgy and end with liturgy. There will be presentations regarding the situation with the MP for the first half of the conference with some kind of a resolution made by the delegates at the end of that period. The last part of the conference will be dedicated to presentations and discussions regarding the future direction of our Church in other matters such as youth, missions, etc.

      > 8. Will the Moscow Patriarchate members of the commision participate?

      No one other than ROCOR members will be present at the meetings other than the invited observer from the Serbian Church who will be present but will not participate.

      > 9. Is the Synod meeting right after the council?


      > Is the decision a simple majority rules? The councils decisions are not binding from what I understand. It is ultimately up to the Synod to decide.

      I don't know that rules of procedure will be proposed, however you are correct in that the resolutions of the assembly are recommendations to the hierarchal sobor, but that any decisions are up to the Hierarchal Sobor (not the Synod) itself

      Sobor = gathering of all the bishops
      Synod = the "executive committee" of the Sobor

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