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16164Orthodox Serbia (was: Who Is Really Behind the Schisms?)

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  • Bojan Mitich
    Mar 6, 2006
      >>While we are on the subject of politics and presidents. We did not bomb
      orthodox Serbia, we bombed communist Serbia that was standing in the way of
      our geopolitical interest in Southern Europe and while our President is
      surely not Orthodox he is a real born again Christian who consciously let
      Jesus into his heart after series of conversation with Rev. Graham and who
      attend church regularly with Bible in hand which I actually find very

      yours truly Gene T<<

      What a terrible thing to hear from a fellow Orthodox Christian! Yes, you did
      bomb Orthodox Serbia because communism in Serbia collapsed in 1989. From
      1989 to this day Serbia is parliamentary democracy, unfortunately (because
      Serbia has Orthodox Monarchy in its very long tradition), and Slobodan
      Milosevic was not a communist more than Tony Blair is. Serbian people
      immediately after the fall of communism rejected all communist heritage and
      embraced its Orthodox faith in which our ancestors were christened in the
      9th century. Today, about 90% of Serbs profess to be Orthodox Christians.
      Read more about victims of your "born again Christian" President [Clinton]
      and his NATO accomplices:
      How exactly was Serbia standing in the way of your geopolitical interests?
      Perhaps by defending its sovereign territory and people from the Albanian
      muslim terrorists of the KLA? What interests do American people have in
      Serbia anyway? Do you think that American interests IN SERBIA should come
      before the interests of the Serbian people? Gene T, you have insulted
      innocent Serbian victims in such unchristian manner that you should bow your
      head in shame.
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