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16015Repentance for Regicide

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  • Fr. Alexander Lebedeff
    Feb 1, 2006
      From a spiritual point of view, nothing demonstrated the
      anti-Christian nature of the bolshevik revolution than the murder of
      the Tsar and his family.

      Except for the moving reaction to this murder that was made by
      Patriarch St. Tikhon in the Kazan Cathedral in Red Square immediately
      upon his hearing the news--for decades no one in the enslaved Soviet
      Union could speak openly of the meaning of this for Russia.

      And the sin of regicide--the murder of the Tsar--lay heavily upon the
      Russian people and the Russian land.

      But the veil of oppression of the Church and the faithful people of
      Russia was finally lifted--and the following was proclaimed, on the
      75th Anniversary of the murder of the Tsar-Martyr:

      "When he heard of the murder of the Tsar and family, Saint Patriarch
      Tikhon witnessed from the church ambo, saying: '. . .A few days ago a
      terrible deed took place: the former monarch, the Emperor Nikolai
      Aleksandrovich was dhot. . . and our supreme government--the
      Executive Committee -- approved this and called it legal. But our
      Christian conscience, being directed by the Word of God, cannot agree
      with this. We must, in obedience to the teaching of the Word of God,
      condemn this deed, otherwise the blood of him who was shot will come
      upon us, and not only upon those who performed this deed. . '

      The proclamation on the 75th Anniversary of the murder of the Tsar,
      after this quotation from Patriarch Tikhon, continues:

      "The sin of the murder of the Tsar, which took place in the face of
      the indifference of the citizens of Russia, has not been repented of
      by our people. Being a crime against both the law of God and man,
      this sin lies as a most heavy burden on the soul of the people, on
      its moral self-understanding."

      "And so today, we, on behalf of the whole Church, on behalf of all of
      its children--both those who have reposed and those who are now
      living-- we offer before God and the people repentance for this sin.
      Forgive us, O Lord!"

      Can anyone, hearing these words, not be moved to tears?

      With love in Christ,

      Prot. Alexander Lebedeff
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