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15891Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Windows PCs face "huge" virus threat

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  • larry most
    Jan 4, 2006
      Dear Father John,
      Actually I am probably the most "computer illiterate
      person" in the world. I used to use Windows,until I
      had a "crash and burn" (my whole hard drive),due to a
      virus. Then my son sent me a "Mepis" disk, and I've
      never had a "blue screen" since. I even updated my
      system "all by myself" without wrecking it. I do have
      Windows "crossover" to run the programmes that must
      use windows, but I'll never go back. (Sorry Mr.
      Thanks for the great reply and may you have a very
      Blessed Christmas.
      Love in Christ,
      Subdeacon Lawrence Most
      (PS you are probably much more proficent at computers
      than I am)

      --- "Fr. John McCuen" <frjohnmcc@...> wrote:

      > --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, larry most
      > <larrymost2002@y...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Dear Fr. John,
      > > Or,you could use Linux.
      > > Love in Christ,
      > > Subdeacon Lawrence Most
      > >
      > Dear Subdeacon Lawrence,
      > Actually, I have been experimenting with Linux for
      > about three years
      > now; and have recently purchased a Xandros distro to
      > install on one of
      > the back-up computers I have. Having grown up with
      > the dinosaurs, and
      > using tty equipment to do my first classes in
      > programming (on Univac
      > 1106 and 1108 systems), paper tape and punch cards
      > (for an IBM 360/370
      > system); working with CP/M on an Osborne-1 computer,
      > and writing batch
      > files in DOS ("Who needs Windows? I know how to
      > write batch files!"),
      > I find the command line environment in Linux to be
      > like working with
      > an old friend. I actually prefer it to the KDE and
      > Gnome desktops.
      > (When push comes to shove in doing something on the
      > Linux computer,
      > I've been known to open a command-line window on the
      > desktop; as it's
      > usually easier to just type the command than try to
      > figure out how to
      > do it "windows style"...)
      > Unfortunately, the "windows-equivalent" programs
      > that run over the
      > Linux OS -- and especially the cross-platform
      > capability -- still
      > isn't seamlessly interchangeable; and, for most
      > people, Linux is not
      > an alternative.
      > There's a lot the ordinary user can do to minimize
      > their likelihood of
      > infection while using their computer on the
      > internet. Hopefully,
      > people will be better informed about the threats
      > there; and take the
      > steps needed to keep from getting the viruses, and
      > worms, and trojan
      > horses that affect so many computers today. The
      > same steps also work
      > for those running Linux!
      > Your unworthy servant in Christ,
      > Priest John McCuen

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