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  • Fr. John McCuen
    Dec 11, 2005
      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "podnoss" <podnoss@y...> wrote:
      > Those who continue to see Metropolitan Sergius as an "existential"
      > hero
      > who had the courage to reconcile himself to the way things were err
      > in
      > several ways. They attribute more volition to Metropolitan Sergius
      > than
      > history will allow. The melodramatize, even sentimentalize
      > Metropolitan
      > Sergius' compromising profession of spiritual solidarity with the
      > Soviet government. Most of all, they miss the point that Metropolitan
      > Sergius, his disciples and successors were a nomenklatura* put in
      > place
      > by the ideologists & intelligence operatives of the C.P.S.U. This was
      > a
      > church brought to its knees which the C.P.S.U. was able to co-opt.
      > Suffering in Christianity has everything to do with initiation, with
      > changing the structure of consciousness; when suffering corrupts then
      > it ceases to have redeeming value. You could argue that Bishops are
      > but
      > a fractional element in Christian religion. But if you say this then
      > I
      > have no need of Bishops.
      > J. Walker

      Is there some sort of invisible ink that makes things appear without
      them actually being said? I re-read my post (to which this is your
      reply) and was amazed to find that, in what I had posted, I said
      nothing about Met. SERGEI (although you had named him in your
      message). My orginal message says nothing about him being an
      "existential hero"; nor anything about courage.

      In fact, in a way, you have said something I was trying to say: The
      Bolsheviks brought the Church to her knees; and so were able to co-opt
      its leadership.

      Ever had someone put a gun to your head, and threaten to shoot you?
      Or put a gun to the head of someone you love, and threaten to shoot
      that person if you do not comply with what they want? Probably not.
      Neither have I, apart from being held up on a city street once (at

      Have you ever read any of Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago?"

      It's all well and good for us to sit here and say that what Met.
      SERGEI did was wrong -- and it was wrong. He may very well have been
      a power-hungry self-serving evil man; God will deal with that, so we
      don't need to do so.

      Are you aware that St. Peter of Krutitsa brought a document that had
      been written by Tuchkov, the ChK agent assigned to oversee the Church,
      to St. Tikhon, which made a declaration similar to that made by Met.
      SERGEI? Are you aware that St. Peter urged St. Tikhon to sign it; and
      threatened to resign if it was not signed? These are both saints here!

      Yet even so, the Church did not cease to be the Church, even if a
      Bolshevik-anointed nomenklatura was assigned to make the Church the
      tame servant of the godless state. The Church is not dependent upon
      the holiness of the persons who constitute the Body of Christ; and the
      lives of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, many of whom came
      from the same Church over which this nomenklatura presided, testify
      that Christ was not defeated by the Bolsheviks; nor is He absent now.
      Or do you think that they did not pray for the Church in Russia to
      survive -- and not just the emigre Church (ROCOR) and not just the
      Catacomb Church?

      unworthy Priest John McCuen
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