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  • vkozyreff
    Dec 11, 2005
      Dear Father John, bless.

      Indeed, the concept is interesting, but is neither new nor mine.

      "Sergianism is the subordination to the power of Antichrist, whatever
      the country.

      Under the false pretext Christian love, ecumenism endeavours to
      destroy the boundaries of the Church, depriving the faithful of the
      Holy Mysteries and corrupting their souls.

      Sergianism is the lie according to which Divine Truth can be defended
      by compromise with evil and upheld with hypocrisy and lies.

      Please see below.

      In Christ,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      "The significance of the Moscow Patriarchate's entrance into the WCC
      lies in its demonstration of the fact that even if Sergianism itself
      is not to be defined as a heresy, it opened the path to heresy, and
      even to "the heresy of heresies", Ecumenism.

      For, as Fr. Andrew Kurayev writes: "Sergianism and Ecumenism
      intertwined. It was precisely on the instructions of the authorities
      that our hierarchy conducted its ecumenical activity, and it was
      precisely in the course of their work abroad that clergy who had been
      enrolled into the KGB were checked out for loyalty."[11]

      In other words, the patriarchate's Sergianism compelled it to accept
      Ecumenism. For apostates have no will of their own. Having
      surrendered their will into the hands of the Antichrist, they will
      say and do anything that is required of them, even the most
      abominable blasphemy".


      "Another example of "Sergianism" concerns Patriarch Demetrius of
      Constantinople who in 1978, without any embarrassment, expressed his
      support of Brezhnev's "liberalism" at the time when many dissidents
      and believers were languishing in Soviet prisons, concentration camps
      and psychiatric hospitals.

      When welcoming the visiting Patriarch Pimen of Moscow and All Russia,
      Patriarch Demetrius said: "We were particularly pleased to hear from
      you that the new Constitution of your great country grants still
      greater freedom of conscience and of religion..." About ten years
      later the same Patriarch Demetrius, while on a visit to the USSR,
      spoke in the same vein, without any recollection of what he had said
      in 1978" [184].

      "Sergianism" is not only a baseness and a deceit, it is a conscious
      refusal to take up the cross of the Lord, a rejection of the
      confession of faith and martyrdom upon which the Church of Christ was
      built. "Sergianism" is also the state of mind and soul of those who
      are prepared to make any concessions and to betray the sacred faith
      for the sake of temporal benefits and interests of this world. In a
      certain sense ecumenism is merely a component of "Sergianism" as a
      general principle and instrument of apostasy.

      Universal "Sergianism" in its essence is the subordination to the
      power of Antichrist, be it in Russia, Greece, the Vatican, USA, or
      any other country. And the objective, consciously or subconsciously
      pursued by "Sergianism", is to demoralize Christians, to make them
      ready to accept Antichrist".


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      > > Dear KYRH,
      > >
      > > Sergianism and ecumenism are brothers, children of the same
      > > and always linked with one another.
      > >
      > > In Christ,
      > >
      > > Vladimir Kozyreff
      > What an interesting concept.
      > Where is the "Sergianism" in the EP?
      > Where is the "Sergianism" in the Serbian Church?
      > Where is the "Sergianiam" in the Antiochian Church?
      > Not that I am agreeing or disagreeing that any or all of these
      > Churches are "ecumenist"; but I believe you have said thia about
      > (If I am mistaken, please forgive me.)
      > unworthy Priest John McCuen
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