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15648Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: one dimensional church

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  • David Stavro
    Dec 10, 2005
      > "Fr. John McCuen" <frjohnmcc@...> wrote:
      > It is mind-boggling to think that there are people
      > today who, without having been under the Bolshevik
      > yoke, feel qualified to sit in judgment of those who

      > had to endure unspeakable tortures.

      Hello Father John McCuen:

      Your words above are very realistic. Should "nomadic
      arabs" replace "Bolshevik"; the new phrase would
      describe the Coptic and Assyrian situation perfectly

      This weekend, I was discussing theology with some
      Copts and it was amazing how we all agreed that we are
      influenced by some Sunni Islamic features in our
      modern ways of life. We have been in active contact
      with them for 1400 years.

      We miss you Eastern Orthodox and hope you will not
      forget your Oriental Orthodox brothers in this crucial



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