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15486Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Bush Forbids the Ambassador of the US to Attend Church of the MP

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  • Carol Surgant
    Nov 3 10:39 AM
      I am distressed that Ambassador Herbst has been slandered in this way. My apologies to the Hebst family for those of us who believed this story.
      The story had elements that appeared credible at first glance given our current focus on "political correctness' and growing religious supression in the U.S.

      For anyone concerned that the Russian government is interfering in Church affairs, perhaps you should look first at what is going on in this country.

      In a current controversy in the US military, Airforce chaplains have been prohibited from using the name "Jesus" in open prayer, since it might offend someone. This is a dramatic contrast with Russia today where priests are encouraged to have an active presence on military bases and in war zones. I observed in churches in the former Soviet Union, men in police and military uniforms also attending the services-- not to take notes on who was there as in Soviet times, -- but concentrated in prayer, making the sign of the cross and prostrations, waiting in long lines for confession and communion, standing long periods after the service for Pannychidas, and bringing their children to baptism. Yet in this country, last year an army general was reprimanded for publicly speaking about his faith while in uniform.
      50 years ago in this country, students were allowed to read the Bible as literature and for moral intruction in American public schools. This is no longer permitted in US public schools, yet Orthodoxy is now being taught in schools in Russia.
      The Canadian government prohibits religious ministers (or anyone else) from openly speaking against homosexuality. We are probably close to such a prohibition in this country, a threat against our churches' tax-exemption based on such "discrimination" and and if our country follows Canada, even prosecution for "hate speech" of a priest/minister who dares to openly preach what God has taught us.
      If current trends continue, it may come about that the Orthodox Church is less persecuted in Russia than in America! Perhaps the Moscow Patriarchate should be concerned that the US government is interfering too much in our church life.

      In Christ,
      Carol Surgant

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      When I read the ridiculous article about my father ...

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