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15485Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Bush Forbids the Ambassador of the US to Attend Church of the MP

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  • Michael Coleman
    Nov 3, 2005
      Dear Masha,

      Your points are well taken; accepting a news article without fact checking is foolish. Without defending Fr. Alexander on any political or ecclesiastical point, I think maybe his original intent at the bottom of his original post may not have been actually to slander your father by accusing him of Sergianism, but rather to use your father's service to our country as an analogue to Sergianism that some might use to discredit your father as well as the ROCOR-MP rapprochement in general.

      In other words, I took it that Fr. Alexander was not saying your dad was a Sergianist, but: How foolish to say the entire MP is without grace (and therefore we should not reunite with it) simply because the leadership of the MP has cooperated with the Soviet governmental authority! And why is it foolish? Because we ourselves (ROCOR) also utilize the talents of a governmental official and son of ROCOR. Fr. Alexander is asking (taunting) his opposition thus: shall we then call ROCOR Sergianist because Ambassador Herbst is a ROCOR delegate? I believe he would answer no to that question.

      Fr. Alexander, am I right in this?

      Your friend,

      St Luke Orthodox Church
      Garden Grove, CA

      "Fr. John R. Shaw" <vrevjrs@...> wrote:

      > When I read the ridiculous article about my father that Fr. Alexander
      > posted on this list this morning, my initial reaction was amusement.
      > To what depths had this journalist sunk in order to get a "scoop?"
      > Not even having spoken to my parents about it yet, I knew that none
      > of it was true.

      JRS: Obviously, we all should have been more careful before believing this story. This is not
      the first time journalistic misstatements have figured in the debates about reconciliation in
      the Russian Church.

      However, the allegations did "hit a nerve" for many of us, especially those who have been
      disturbed by our country's foreign policy, such as partisan involvement in the election of
      Yushchenko in the Ukraine.

      In Fr. Alexander's defense, though, I doubt he knew the Herbst family, or had any way of
      readily checking the story.

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw

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