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15458Re: [orthodox-synod] Sobor 1971

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  • Fr. Alexander Lebedeff
    Nov 2, 2005
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      At 12:26 PM 11/1/2005, you wrote:
      >Dear list,
      >My question was simple : is anybody here able to forward me the text
      >(in english or in Frensh) of the 1971'Sobor?
      >Thank you,
      >A de Bonnefoi

      Dear A,

      The question may be simple, but it is senseless.

      There is no such thing as "the text of the 1971 Sobor."

      The 1971 Sobor lasted a week, and discussed and passed resolutions on
      a large number of matters.

      The Minutes (Protokol) of the 1971 Hierarchical Sobor are
      confidential, as are the minutes of all Sobor and Synod meetings,
      since many of the questions the bishops discuss address confidential
      matters, such as reported problems in parishes or with individual clergy.

      A significantly edited extract of the Minutes is published in t6he
      official publication of the Synod of Bishops "Church Life."

      The Sobors may also write Epistles to the flock either in the
      homeland or in the diaspora (or both), which are then published in
      official Church publications.

      Certain specific Resolutions of the Sobor may also be published.

      But -- there is no such thing as "the text" of a Sobor--nor can there be.

      With love in Christ,

      Prot. Alexander Lebedeff

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