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15454Re: Official Historical Position of the Russian Church Abroad

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  • Michael Malloy
    Oct 30, 2005
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      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Fr. Alexander Lebedeff"
      <lebedeff@w...> wrote:
      > In the midst of accusations that some people are "rewriting the
      > history of the Church Abroad"...

      Fortunately, I am not familiar with the "rewriting" Fr. Alexander
      mentions. It is understandable that people cannot forgive the state
      sanctioned murder of their family members during the Soviet Era.

      > "What shall we say about the canonical status of the Russian
      > Church Abroad?
      > "First of all, that she may exist only on condition of horrible
      > persecution of the Russian Church in the U.S.S.R. on the part of
      > militant atheists, who have set themselves the aim of totally
      > annihilating the Church and striving by all means to achieve this.

      This is perfectly clear.
      > "Under normal conditions of life, we repeat once again, An
      > **independent** state of existence of a part of the Russian Church
      > outside the borders of Russia would be **impossible** and
      > **unthinkable.** But even now there is a limit to this (i.e.
      > independent) existence - the cessation of persecutions of the
      > Church and her freedom in Russia.
      > "From this we conclude, that the existence of the Russian Church
      > Abroad is a **temporary** phenomenon, **conditional upon**
      > persecutions of the Russian Church. If you like, **an abnormal**
      > condition. " (Page 61)

      Even as an outsider, this is what I have always been taught. Thank
      God the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia has maintained the
      faith in the diaspora while at the same time making this faith
      accessable to those not born into it.

      The very little I understand of the current talks with the MP suggest
      a self governed ROCOR much as it is now rather than a loss of the true

      Reader Michael Malloy
      Columbus OH
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