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15343Re: [orthodox-synod] KGB award

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  • tankercapt@aol.com
    Oct 12, 2005
      Dear Vladimir,

      1988 the millennium year for the Baptism of Russia, a very big event indeed
      as Metropolitan Alexy (not Metropolitan at the time) started to prepare for
      this event from 23 December 1980 as deputy chairman of the Commission for the
      Preparation and Execution of the Celebration of the Millennium of the Baptism of
      Russia and chairman of the Organizational Group of the Commission, and
      chairman of the Theological Group from September 1986. On 25 May 1983 he was
      appointed chairman of the Executive Commission for the Transfer of the Danilov
      Monastery, organization and execution of all works for its restoration and
      construction of the Spiritual and Administrative Center of the Russian Orthodox Church
      on its territory.

      you can read his Bio here http://www.mospat.ru/index.php?mid=99 Given
      Metropolitan Alexy's hard work for both opening Saint Daniel's Monastery and
      preparing for the Millennium celebration of the Baptism of Russia the award in all
      probability was recognition for his hard work in this endeavor, and the
      celebration of the Millennium of the Baptism of Russia. By 1988 there had already
      been many changes in Russia

      Vladimir, have you ever seen the monument erected at Saint Daniels Monestary
      for the Millennium Celebration and drank from it's waters?

      In Christ

      Arthur J. Clark

      In a message dated 10/10/2005 7:16:02 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      vladimir.kozyreff@... writes:
      Dear List,

      Patriarch Alexy II, in 1988 was awarded a certificate of honour by the
      chairman of the KGB. Was this award for his service to God or against

      Would the KGB award an order for a service to God?

      Is accepting an award from the KGB not an ackowledgement of the
      communist authorities' legitimacy?

      If the Patriarch was serving only one master, which was it? (Serving
      two masters, as far as a Patriarch is concerned, is serving Satan).

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

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