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    Oct 5 11:32 AM
      Au jus usually does not contain blood but the juices from the meat much the same as broth. I cook a lot of Asian-Indian food and buy items from several local Indian groceries. One time I entered one and saw some chilies, I said I wanted to buy them but the owner said she could not sell them as she had already offered them to the gods. One store I buy from is owned my a Muslim he also has Hindu items in the store but they are not set aside for religious purposes. He sells a lot of them to people who use them to decorate their homes. I doubt any Hindu would sell something "sacred" to someone who would not value it as "sacred."

      Columbus, Ohio
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      Bless, Fathers,

      Ever since I re-read the part in the Acts about the Gentile converts not having to obey the Law of Moses, except for strangled animals and blood, I feel a little funny with steak au jus--isn't that blood, and if so, are we allowed to eat it?
      On the other hand, why would we have to keep just that and not all the rest of the Mosaic law? And if we really keep that, wouldn't we have to "kosher" our meat by washing and salting the daylights out of it just the same way the Jews do?
      Finally, how did this restriction about carnivore foods (and strangled and blood) being "skverdoedenie" eventually get dropped (or ignored)?

      Thank you for any answers and asking your prayers,

      P.S. The other parts of the Apostolic prohibition are immorality and things sacrificed to idols. I used to think the latter was moot, but there's a neat Indian store in Cambridge that has sesame chikki--a nice fasting sweet--as well as lots of other vegetarian food. They are obviously Hindu and have all sorts of idols around. Who knows whether they offer their stuff to idols or ask idols to bless it? I know St. Paul said to just buy things in the market and not ask. He also said obscure things about having the "freedom" to eat idol-sacrifices, evidently even if you did know it was sacrificed to idols. On the other hand, I believe there are some saints who died rather than eating things sacrificed to idols. This confuses me: why die if you are "free" to eat it? St. Peter was really right (as far as I am concerned) about St. Paul's writings being hard to understand. I'm not knocking St. Paul, but sometimes he seems to talk circles around himself and even contradict what he has already said. I mean this in a simple way--as in, *I* need to understand him, not that *he* is wrong. Any help appreciated.

      In pre-Nikonian times Russians were pretty strict about those things
      and eating carnivores would fall under "skvernoyadenie", that is,
      eating fobidden things. Same for animals caught by strangling (such as
      hares) and for eating products made of blood (such as blood sausages).
      There is a special prayer rule for those who sinned in this way...

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "(matushka) Ann Lardas"
      <matanna@a...> wrote:
      > Recently I gave someone the "Little House" books in which Papa shoots
      > bear and they use bear grease on traps and the furs for jackets. I
      > read a hilarious article by Jean Kerr once about the time that her
      > mother told the children in her family they could each invite a
      > friend for dinner and served what later turned out to be bear meat.
      > And I was wondering, and thought surely someone on this list would
      > know:
      > What did they do, in pre-revolutionary Russia, with the bears and
      > wolves that they shot?
      > Did human consume the meat? Did pets?
      > Is there a canon against eating things that could potentially eat
      > people?
      > These are strange questions, but I thought people on this list were
      > more likely to know than anyone else.
      > Thanks.
      > In Christ,
      > Matushka Ann Lardas

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