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15032Father Maxim Kozlov on the Roman Catholics

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  • dkissa
    Aug 31, 2005
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      I think this article is a good judge on the MP's position on
      Ecumenism. I certainly think the following points made clear should
      give those cautious on our side a sigh of relief.

      1. While Fr. Maxim states that the Orthodox and Catholics are not
      enemies, he says that unity would have to me an act of great
      Providence, clearly recognizing teh huge rift that exists between
      teh two Churches:

      "- I think guess-work about the future is something abstract, but I
      am deeply convinced that even if such unification of Catholicism
      with the plenitude of the Universal Church (indeed, it is proper to
      speak in strictly dogmatic terms of the unification of the See of
      Rome with the plenitude of the Universal Church) takes place, it
      will be effected not through a theological dialogue, not through
      ecumenical relations, but through such a action of divine Providence
      in human history in which, according to St. Paul, what we see now
      through a dimmed glass darkly will then be clear like face to face.
      And if it ever occurs, it will occur in the times close to the last
      ones. A very literary but still very vital image of such unification
      was depicted by Vladimir Solovyev in his Three Conversations, an
      absolutely non-ecumenical, but prophetic book about the end of the
      world history. "

      2. He clearly states that a condition of the reunification with
      ROCOR is that the MP will not be a member of the WCC:

      "Now there is the World Council of Churches. We participated in it
      and what? - Nothing came out of it, and we can participate in
      something else. We will unite with the Russian Church Abroad and
      will pull out of it, and no trace will remain of our presence in
      it. "

      In XC,
      Daniel Kisliakov