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15028Re:[orthodox-synod]Orthodox tradition vs modernization

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  • joasia@ca.inter.net
    Aug 31, 2005
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      JG: The looseness I was talking about refers to other details of habits the Russians have
      which I will
      not get into.

      JRS: The trouble is that they tend to be rather stubborn about that "looseness". The
      often feel forced to tolerate their parishioners' ways, rather than have them drop out of

      I understand this dilemma. And that is my main point. The general Russian laity, mainly
      American, are not educated in the blessed Orthodox traditions. They have become too
      I would expect this in a catholic church where all the laity are ignorant to any spiritual
      teachings...but I
      also see that the Orthodox generations to come are becoming like them.

      Are the clergy of ROCOR concerned about the loss of Orthodox traditions? Do you ever
      discuss it
      amongst yourselves?

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