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14752Re: Antioch in Communion with Monophysites?!

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  • Fr. Anthony Nelson
    Aug 9 11:38 AM
      At 12:45 PM 8/9/2005, Athanasios Jayne wrote:

      >Believe me, I would like nothing more than to
      >end this discussion, which has consumed a lot
      >of my time and attention.

      Then all that is necessary is to *do* it.

      >But I don't see how this is possible so long as Fr. John R. Shaw continues
      >to publicly accuse me of "teaching heresy." If he
      >would withdraw this accusation (which, if false, is
      >indeed "scandalous"), I will stop discussing it.

      The comment about you teaching heresy was on July 22 - on another
      list...and *you* chose to begin posting to three other lists - and,
      based on what you wrote, which was wrong, not the teaching of the
      Orthodox Church, he was quite correct. You then chose to attempt to
      find proof-texts to defend your own error, but only succeeded in
      digging a deeper hole.

      Your recent comments about "inward" action of anathema appear to be
      an attempt to back-pedal the clearly false nature of your earlier
      comments - a disingenuous effort - and Fr. Andrew's comments would be
      well taken to heart.

      >Heresy is separation from God, and Fr. John R.
      >Shaw has indicated that he believes me to have
      >"taught heresy" on the subject of anathemas.

      What you wrote was wrong, contrary to that which the Church believes.
      Do you have a parish Priest? Take all of this to him...in order, and
      discuss it with him...let him teach you. Do not attempt to teach the
      internet community that which you clearly do not understand. It is
      past the time to be silent. In the pursuit of our own will we cannot
      hear the voice of God...we cannot pray...we cannot learn.

      >Because he is a Priest, and a Priest within that
      >part of the Church to which I belong (ROCOR), I
      >must, I believe, take his opinion seriously. I must
      >be willing to consider that he may be right. I must
      >re-examine what I have said in the light of the
      >teaching of the Holy Fathers and Ecumenical Councils.

      Then do so.

      >I must be willing to engage in a continuing dialogue
      >in order to more surely discern the truth of the
      >matter, and change my belief if it can be shown
      >to be in error.

      No. What you are doing is continuing to argue a point even without an

      >Some have indicated weariness with this discussion,
      >but no one is forced to read my posts.

      Nor are you forced to write them. Which, do you suppose, is the
      greater sin? Remember the Lord's comments about scandal and the mill-stone.

      >For me, to be accused of heretical teaching by a
      >Priest is just about the most grievous thing
      >imaginable. I would have been less troubled if
      >I had been accused of being a thief or an adulterer,
      >and I must seek a resolution of this matter--a

      As I wrote, go to your Priest.

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