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14751[orthodox-rocor] Re: Antioch in Communion with Monophysites?!

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  • Athanasios Jayne
    Aug 9, 2005
      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com,
      "Fr. Anthony Nelson" <fr.anthony@o...> wrote:
      > Good. Let's stop there. End the scandalous
      argumentation. Practice humility and give us all
      a break.<

      Dear Fr. Anthony,

      Believe me, I would like nothing more than to
      end this discussion, which has consumed a lot
      of my time and attention. But I don't see how this
      is possible so long as Fr. John R. Shaw continues
      to publicly accuse me of "teaching heresy." If he
      would withdraw this accusation (which, if false, is
      indeed "scandalous"), I will stop discussing it.

      Heresy is separation from God, and Fr. John R.
      Shaw has indicated that he believes me to have
      "taught heresy" on the subject of anathemas.
      Because he is a Priest, and a Priest within that
      part of the Church to which I belong (ROCOR), I
      must, I believe, take his opinion seriously. I must
      be willing to consider that he may be right. I must
      re-examine what I have said in the light of the
      teaching of the Holy Fathers and Ecumenical Councils.
      I must be willing to engage in a continuing dialogue
      in order to more surely discern the truth of the
      matter, and change my belief if it can be shown
      to be in error.

      Some have indicated weariness with this discussion,
      but no one is forced to read my posts.

      For me, to be accused of heretical teaching by a
      Priest is just about the most grievous thing
      imaginable. I would have been less troubled if
      I had been accused of being a thief or an adulterer,
      and I must seek a resolution of this matter--a
      matter which concerns not only me, but the teaching
      of the Holy Fathers, the Ecumenical Councils, and
      our holy Orthodox faith.

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