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14725Re: Antioch in Communion with Monophysites?!

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  • Athanasios Jayne
    Aug 3, 2005
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      > "Whether your teaching
      > and your name are pronounced as being under anathema
      > ARE OPPOSED TO THOSE OF THE CHURCH, and when you persist
      > in them."

      --St. Theophan the Recluse.

      "Fr. John R. Shaw" <vrevjrs@e...> wrote:

      > 1) No one "already falls under anathema", unless the
      lawful Church hierarchy actually imposes judgment on them.<

      "Anathema means anything that has been separated from God
      and the Church of the Christians and has been dedicated to
      the devil. It is of great importance that one understand
      that it is not the Church that separates someone from God
      by some official act, it is not the hierarchs who make him
      anathema, nor yet is it God Who banishes a man from Him;
      it is man himself who makes himself anathema, who dismisses
      the Grace of God and the Gift of the Holy Spirit from within
      himself and flees far from God. It is only after this that
      the Church steps in to certify and to proclaim this fact,
      with the purpose of protecting first the Divine Gifts from
      any contact with the blasphemous, and, second, the faithful
      from pollution."

      --Dr. Alexander Kalomiros.

      "He that accepts an innovation reproaches with deficiency
      the preached Catholic Faith. But that Faith has long ago
      been sealed in completeness not to admit of diminution or
      increase or any change whatsoever; and he who dares to
      do or think or advise such a thing has already denied the
      Faith of Christ, has already of his own accord been struck
      with an eternal anathema for blaspheming the Holy Spirit
      as not having spoken fully in the Scriptures and through
      the Ecumenical Councils."

      --Encyclical of Gregory VI, Patriarch of Constantinople.
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