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14445Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Associated Press Reports on Documents

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  • byakimov@csc.com.au
    Jul 3, 2005
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      Father Alexander we know you are a robust defender of the post soviet,
      (sergianist & ecumenist) MP but please refrain form attacking our blessed
      in memory metropolitan Philaret with " a might schizophrenic Metropolitan
      Philaret.." Dear Vladyka Philaret was a Saint compared to all of us,
      including your friends in the post soviet MP. He did not commemorate a
      soviet MP patriarch as far as I know , yes technically after WWII we ware
      all under the soviet MP but I do not recall (or my friends or parents) that
      our priests, at least in that part of China where we lived, ever
      commemorating any of the soviet patriarchs while we lived in China before
      moving to Australia..,, subjugation of one kind or another is still
      subjugation..... we left China well after Archimandrite Philaret... Some of
      our ROCA Bishops in China obviously did & they paid dearly on return to the
      brutal motherland called the soviet union - a gulag if there ever was
      one... brutal to the end & even now has defenders in the RF & now it
      seems abroad as well...

      With love in our Lord Jesus Christ,

      protodeacon Basil from Canberra

      <vladimir.kozyreff@ To: orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com
      skynet.be> cc:
      Sent by: Subject: [orthodox-synod] Re: Associated Press Reports on Documents

      02/07/2005 09:48 PM
      Please respond to

      Dear Father Alexander, bless.

      I have the impression that I heave displeased you. Please excuse me
      for being an idiot. I wanted to draw attention at the fact that the
      Moscow "Patriarch" (a monk) has the choice between two residencies
      and prefers the one with a swimming pool.

      He had a skyrocketing career under bolshevik dictatorship, travelled
      abundantly abroad and developed a yearning for onion soup while
      staying in Paris four decades ago, when priests were suffering hunger
      in concentration camps. (Met Vitaly is living in relatively more
      monastery-like conditions, more suitable for a monk).

      Let me revert to your pet discussions about documents' authorship.
      Can we agree that while authorship adds to the authenticity of a
      document, it is the truth of the contents that matters, not who
      happened to be the author?

      In your message 14422, you write: "A might schizophrenic Metropolitan
      Philaret you are presenting here, if these quotes are actually
      written by him. Just because a letter has been circulating on the
      internet for quite some time does not mean that it is authentic".

      To impugn the contents by questioning the author is an ad hominem
      argument and thus logically invalid. It is like those secular
      scholars who question the authority of the Bible or the Church
      Fathers by questioning who their author is. This resembles the
      typical anti-Christian technical tactic of those lacking discernment
      needed to perceive the truth.

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Fr. Alexander Lebedeff"
      <lebedeff@w...> wrote:
      > Mr. Kozyreff should apologize.
      > In response to a question about whether any monasteries in Russia
      > swimming pools--he responds: "See below."
      > And proceeds to cite an article in which **no monastery at all** is
      > A normal person would consider this to be a sign of idiocy.
      > With love in Christ,
      > Prot. Alexander Lebedeff
      > At 02:57 PM 7/1/2005, you wrote:
      > >Dear Father John, bless.
      > >
      > >You write: "Are you saying that any of the Russian monasteries do
      > >have swimming pools?"
      > >
      > >Please see below.
      > >
      > >In God,
      > >
      > >Vladimir Kozyreff
      > >
      > >Ecumenical News International (ENI)
      > >
      > >Mushrooms and French soup are a feast fit for a patriarch
      > >
      > >Jonathan Luxmoore
      > >Warsaw (ENI). The head of Russia's Orthodox church has revealed
      > >he likes picking mushrooms and eating French onion soup, but he
      > >dislikes mobile cell phones, and avoids carrying one himself.
      > >
      > >"I'm a mushroom collector - it's my real hobby," said Patriarch
      > >Alexei II in an interview with Russia's Gazieta daily newspaper,
      > >saying he had also developed a yearning for onion soup while
      > >in Paris four decades ago.
      > >
      > >In the interview published on 3 May, the 76-year-old patriarch said
      > >he preferred his country seat outside Moscow, with its library,
      > >running track and swimming pool, to his official city-centre
      > >residence. He added that he had been advised by doctors to take "at
      > >least 8000 steps daily".
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