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  • Fr. Gregory Williams
    Jun 8, 2005
      Christ is Risen!

      Many thanks, Matushka. So far, it seems the surgery was successful (months
      before certainty), but at present vision is severely impaired, drastically
      limiting anything having to do with computer. Mercifully, I can read in
      short stretches, get around OK, pack books -- but all activity makes me
      somewhat seasick. Small blessing, I've been saved the trauma of making a
      go/nogo decision for the forthcoming not-trip to Haiti, as I'm on the no-fly
      list till at least mid-July as a result of the surgery. Conditions there
      drastically worse. A shopkeeper friend of mine was kidnapped last week,
      held several hours until a huge ranson was paid; and it appears that the
      kind manager of the hotel in Cap-Haitien where our services are held was
      killed by rifle-fire on the airport road a couple of days ago (no news can
      be regarded as certain in Haiti), whether intentionally or as "collateral
      damage" not yet known. God help our struggling people!

      In Christ Jesus,
      Fr. Gregory Williams

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