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14172Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Long Live Tsar Michael !!!

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  • Russell Martin
    Jun 1, 2005
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      Dear List,

      How disappointing. This is a very interesting and important topic that could have spawned any number of edifying and relevant offshoots. But, alas, the thread has gone the way of mutual misunderstandings, of misspoken words, of hurt feelings and apologies, and of dizzying lack of charity. I have long tolerated the vile things that are sometimes said on this list by conspiracy theorists, foaming nationalists, and angry jurisdictionalists. But am I really alone in thinking that the time has come to go back to basics and remember that we all are in a community based on shared belief and love, and that the anonymity that one might be afforded by our computers doesn't allow us to behave as if the person on the receiving end of our emails aren't people with feelings and worth, all made in the image and likeness of God?

      What a disappointment. What a shame.

      Is it time for more energetic moderation of the contributions to this list?

      Roman Martin

      Russell E. Martin
      Assoc. Professor of History
      Westminster College
      New Wilmington, PA 16172-0001
      phone: 724.946.6254
      fax: 724.946.7256
      webpage: http://www.westminster.edu/staff/martinre/
      other email: remartin@...
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