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1410[orthodox-synod] Re: Prayers before reading the Psaltir

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  • Timothy Tadros
    Jan 1, 2000
      Only the Church Slavonic Psalter have the prayers and troparia for reading the Psalter. As far as I know they have never been translated. When I was in seminary at Jordanville we would read the Psalter over the reposed faithful until the time of the
      funeral. I could only read English at that time so we would petition the Psalter kathisma's with the Trisagion and the prayer of the "Faithful Departed". But inbetween each Kathisma there are special troparia and a prayer to be read (for the reader).
      Reader Timothy Tadros
      TALLSCAPES@... wrote:

      > These prayers are not in the HTM Brookline PSALTER nor
      > in the PSALTER of Fr. Lazarus. They are in the German
      > PSALTER published with the blessing of Vladyka Mark.
      > Sinful, Peter who prays for you a joyous feast of St. Boniface
      > of Rome...our new year was Septmber 1st
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