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1378[orthodox-synod] Re: Apology

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  • Rjmanz@aol.com
    Dec 28, 1999
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      In a message dated 12/28/1999 12:10:58 PM Central Standard Time,
      dmjames@... writes:

      << As unfair - and as inaccurate -- as it may be, anything
      that even suggests the swastika, including a pre-Nazi era Russian Orthodox
      church vestment, is inappropriate as a design element for an Orthodox
      Christian web site. It is simply too open to misinterpretation.

      It must all be in the eye of the beholder! I checked out the design and it
      never even entered my mind that there might be a swastika symbol present, or
      even remotely. I didn't know about the "Greek curl" either. It just looked
      like an attractive pattern.
      I personally think the above statement is a little too strong and do not
      think it needs changing. But then I guess that is debatable.

      Nectarios Manzanero
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