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1374[orthodox-synod] Re: Apology

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  • David James
    Dec 28, 1999
      Dear Vladimir Hendrichs, Nikolaj, and anyone else who took offense at my

      Please accept my public apology and request for forgiveness for any offense

      I am sorry that at first glance I interpreted the "greek curls" of the
      pre-revolutionary vestment design on Nikolaj's web site as intentionally
      reminiscent of the Nazi swastika. For this wrong judgement I humbly ask
      Nikolaj to forgive me.

      Nevertheless, I am still afraid that since I was not the only person on this
      list to make this connection, others, especially seekers, might also. I am
      well aware that the "greek curl" design, as you call it, is ancient.
      Unfortunately, it is now indelibly connected in many (if not most) people's
      minds with Nazism. As unfair - and as inaccurate -- as it may be, anything
      that even suggests the swastika, including a pre-Nazi era Russian Orthodox
      church vestment, is inappropriate as a design element for an Orthodox
      Christian web site. It is simply too open to misinterpretation.

      Deacon David M. James
      St. Xenia Orthodox Church
      Methuen, Massachusetts

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      Dear Nikolai:

      Love the swastika motif on your personal homepage! It so powerfully
      reinforces the message of Christian love that Russian Orthodoxy has
      sacrificed so much to preserve.

      In His service,

      Deacon David M. James >>

      Dear Deacon David

      I'm actually surprised at two things:

      1. After careful checking, I found no swastika on the site. A
      greek curl
      with the neck decoration colors of that medal perhaps? Very
      Russian, and
      highly appropriate.

      2. That that particular ad hominem was not censored, since much
      material has been.

      Lord have mercy!


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