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13734RE: [orthodox-synod] Re: Documents Concerning the HOCNA Separation?

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    Mar 2, 2005
      Fr. Alexis Duncan wrote:

      > No Fr. John. The synod of bishops published an anathema to
      > be appended to the service for those who have gone astray,
      > sung on the Sunday of Orthodoxy. You know that well and I am
      > sure you have a copy of it. It wasn't just a "hearing" of a
      > report or suggestion of Vladika Afannassy. Why would you
      > suggest such an obvious misrepresentation?

      JRS: It isn't a "misrepresentation" -- it's a fact.

      The bishops, including Metropolitan Philaret, never had any intention of "publishing an
      anathema". We have been over this a thousand times.

      What happened is that, unexpectedly for all, Vl. Afanassy made that remark in his speech.

      It was not on the agenda at all.

      There was also no vote taken on it, no motion that it be made part of the acts of the Sobor.
      But Bishop Gregory added it to the minutes, and Metropolitan Philaret almost always deferred
      to Bishop Gregory's views.

      If you don't believe that, there is the amazing fact that the text was written, not in Russian or
      Slavonic, but *in English* -- at a time when there was not a single ROCOR bishop whose
      native language was English.

      If this "anathema" had been part of the program, it would either have been prepared in
      advance, and in Slavonic, or else it would have been composed by one or more of the
      bishops at the Sobor -- in their own language, not in English.

      The text had to be translated from English into Russian and Slavonic, which is pretty
      convincing proof that the bishops did not create it.

      Subsequently, there was also no announcement of this "anathema", until Fr. Neketas Palassis
      announced it in his "Orthodox Christian Witness".

      If this had been something planned by the bishops, it would have been on the front page of
      Pravoslavnaya Rus' immediately after the Sobor.

      > I have noticed
      > that often when arguments find no substantive response, we
      > frequently hear bits and pieces of nonsensical "infobytes"
      > that may or may not be true, bearing no relation to the
      > current discussion.

      JRS: In this case, I am simply telling the FACTS of the case -- a case that is so stubbornly
      misrepresented by those whose only purpose is to attack ROCOR.

      > Fr. John, let me ask. Are you saying that the anathema was
      > wrong and should be rescinded? Are you saying that what is
      > states represents a falsehood? If not, then why are you
      > attempting to make strides in discrediting it? Just curious.

      JRS: Note that you never answered my question: are you saying that Vl. Vitaly was "twisting"
      when he said that it applied only to ROCOR?

      I am not "attempting to make strides" in discrediting it.

      Also I have repeatedly answered your other questions above before you asked them.

      No, the contents are not false; what is false, is the way this text is represented: as if it were
      an ecumenical anathema hurled against the other Orthodox Churches, and therefore falling
      upon ROCOR, for having even the least contacts with them.

      Please note also: that when such anti-ROCOR arguments are thrown at us, you remain silent.
      But when someone like Fr. Alexander, Fr. Stefan or myself sets the record straight -- then
      you are concerned, and "reply" to the defenders of ROCOR!

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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