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13726RE: [orthodox-synod] Re: Documents Concerning the HOCNA Separation?

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  • Fr. Alexis Duncan
    Mar 1, 2005
      If others interpret the anathema to place them outside the
      Church, it is clearly polemics and a feeble attempt to
      screen the issue that they indeed might be ecumenists.

      At best only a local "measure" of a local church? That seems
      to be somewhat twisted logic. An anathema isn't a "measure";
      it is a pronouncement that something is abominable in the
      sight of God. And if that abomination is truly an
      abomination, then, of course, without doubt it is applicable
      to those outside the Church Abroad due to the fact that it
      resonates a heavenly truth. If the anathema is true and
      expresses the truth the Lord has revealed, then it seems to
      me that it extends well beyond the Russian Church Abroad. If
      it expresses that ecumenism is a heresy and if this is true,
      then those who openly and unabashedly practice ecumenism are
      heretics. Right? Doesn't seem a stretch at all.

      Fr. Alexis Duncan
      Joy of All Who Sorrow Russian Orthodox Church
      Atlanta, GA

      The issue usually raised by those who make use of it to
      attack ROCOR, is the claim that
      places all the other Orthodox outside the Church.

      The anathema is at best only a local measure by the Church
      Abroad. Regardless of whether it
      is true or not, it does not apply to those who are not under
      the jurisdiction of the Church
      Abroad, and it does not have any "automatic action" even
      within the Church Abroad. It is a
      Church law -- not an entity with a life of its own.
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