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  • Hristofor
    Feb 8, 2005
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      Replies to 3 different posts:

      >FYI that Church is Ukrainian, not Russian.
      >In Christ,
      >Rd. Constantine

      That's debatable, I suppose. The defrocked Met Philaret *was* in the
      Moscow Patriarchate to begin with prior to forming his own "church".

      gene703 �����:

      >I could not agree with you more but in striving for Orthodox unitiy we got to start somewhere. Getting our own (ROCOR) house in order seems like a good idea to me. Last couple of years a lot of un-Christian things were done by all sides. It seems to me that now is a very opportune time to come together and show the world some Christian behaviour for a change. Leadership can only be set by personal example.
      And where to we start? Do we start with the Evlogians, then the
      Metropolia, and then the French? Or do we work backwards
      chronologically? Believe me, I am not trying to be facetious. Since the
      majority of Russians both in the diaspora or in Russia are members of
      the ROCA and the MP, that seems to be the most logical. I know someone
      who pleaded with then Vl Varnava not to leave--at least wait until some
      form of unity did occur (which it still hasn't). Of course he refused.
      Was that not not like others who have left before in the 80s, saying
      that they did not like "the course ROCA was taking"?

      antiquariu@... �����:

      >Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not really out to get you!

      Hardly would consider myself paranoid. If you believe that the Catechism
      College in Baranovichi operates solely to minister to the Catholics of
      Belarus you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but I
      respectfully disagree.

      > Frankly, offering classes in Russian isn't surprising at all, since the vast majority of the urban population
      >does not speak Belarusian. <..> And you are right! There are a lot of Roman Catholics in that
      >country. Matter of fact, it's probably the majority of the population. You
      >seem to forget that the northern Unia (Brest) took place there, even before the
      >southern one. Folks get thrown off by the morpheme Rus. It has nothing to
      >do with Russian. Belarus has more ethnic affinity with the Polish-Lithuanian
      >Commonwealth than with Russia per se; both countries even have mirror image
      >crests, the Vitas of the very Roman Catholic Knights Orders of a millenium in
      >the past.

      I have been to Belarus many, many times. I have more (known) relatives there than in Russia or the US. Although my grandfather was born there, he considered himself to be Russian. And yes, I agree, there are a lot of Catholics and it is only by the Grace of God that my ancestors either remained Orthodox or converted to Orthodoxy. I have met Catholics from Belarus, but they all considered themselves to be ethnic Poles.

      >A far as the grandma of my patron saint is concerned, there are a lot of
      >Ukrainians -- and a lot of Roman Catholics -- who would dispute the appellation
      >of her being Russian. The Viking princess Helga unwittingly started a long
      >tradition of Germanic-blooded royalty, a tradition maintained until at least
      >1917! This is not a troll. The name Olga is almost as common in Roman
      >Catholic circles as in Russian ones.

      I realize that and I certainly don't want to get into Ukrainian-Belorussian-Russian polemics on this list. However, what would the response be *if* the MP opened up a church of Our Lady of Chenstohova in Warsaw or a parish of St Patrick in Dublin? Might the locals not be a little bent out of shape? Remember the opposition to the MP building a church in Rome which is dedicated to St Catherine (and *not* St Ambrose of Milan). Furthermore the overwhelming majority of Catholic churches are dedicated to Our Lord, the Theotokos, Feasts and major saints (i.e St George, St Anne, St Elizabeth, the Evangelists, St Francis etc). How many "RC churches of St Olga" have you driven past in the US?


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