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13636RE: [orthodox-synod] damage they caused the Church

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  • Fr. Alexis Duncan
    Feb 4, 2005
      Actually, many overtures have been made to the Mansonville
      people. Clergy as well as bishops have repeatedly attempted
      to visit Vladika Vitaly only to be turned away. There
      certainly is the will but unfortunately those surrounding
      Vladika Vitaly have not made it possible to find the way. I
      admire much of what they stand for, but I know for a fact
      that our clergy have been turned away and even had the
      police called when they tried to visit. However, we indeed
      must keep trying, hoping that eventually we can somehow
      repair the damage and again be one with them.

      Fr. Alexis Duncan
      Joy of All Who Sorrow Russian Orthodox Church
      Atlanta, GA

      Dear father Victor,

      In all fairness I think BOTH sides did lots of damage to OUR
      church. Please don't be so child like "the door is open,
      let'em come first and say they are sorry then we'll play
      with them again" How about displaying some generocity of
      spirit, do I have have to remind you, a priest, about the
      other cheek, for Christ sake ? There is a 94 years old,
      infirm man surrounded by people with their own agenda in
      Mansonville. Shouldn't we take the first step. Offer
      whatever accomodation that must be made to Rosninaskaya, the
      "bishops" ? Where there is a will there is the way, as they

      Your in Christ
      Gene T
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