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13627Re: [orthodox-synod] The door is open .... it's up to them

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  • frvboldewskul@aol.com
    Feb 3, 2005
      In a message dated 2/3/05 3:41:34 PM Pacific Standard Time, gene703@...

      > 2. The door is open .... it's up to them .... This doesn't sound too
      > Christian to me, sounds more like a lawyer negotiating corporate merger, think
      > love, forgivenes, ask what would Jesus do ? Why not show Moscow how true Orthodox
      > Christian behave, here and now.

      Dear Mr T.,
      Should anyone, regardless of the damage they caused the Church, regardless of
      the hatred and slander they threw at the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad,
      should they repent and reconcile themselves to the Orthodox Church, yes, the door
      is open to them. That is love in the fulness sense. They, that is those under
      the so-called Mansonville schism, who cut themselves off of the Orthodox
      Church and in the process, of our Lord's Grace, can still return to the Church's
      Grace through repentance. That is love.

      Priest Victor Boldewskul

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