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13622Re: [orthodox-synod]Orthodox unitiy

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  • gene703
    Feb 3, 2005
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      Dear Hristofor,

      I could not agree with you more but in striving for Orthodox unitiy we got to start somewhere. Getting our own (ROCOR) house in order seems like a good idea to me. Last couple of years a lot of un-Christian things were done by all sides. It seems to me that now is a very opportune time to come together and show the world some Christian behaviour for a change. Leadership can only be set by personal example.

      Your's in Christ
      Gene T

      Hristofor <hristofor@...> wrote:
      Alexei misspoke, Mark saw the light. The MP/ROCOR reconciliation nightmare

      >>is over. It's high time entire Synod went to Mansonville and asked for
      >>forgivness on their knees. Bring Vitaly back now. There is nothing wrong with having
      >>two Metropolitans, one acting one retired "na pokoe". If he forgives and
      >>reconciles with Synod there will be no need to mention this horrible episode
      >>ever again. Please pray with me for speedy ROCOR(L) ROCOR(V) reconciliation.
      >>Gene T
      I think you're in the wrong nightmare. The real nightmare is the fact
      that the Russian Orthodox Church is divided into ROCOR-MP-Paris
      Exarchate, with various schisms and other divisions, Montreal, Suzdal,
      Denisenko to name but a few. If those flavours aren't enough, we have
      other Orthodox jurisdictions such as both new and old calendar Greeks
      also trying to get in on the act. This of course is only the Orthodox.
      There are Roman Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Mormons, Jehovahs
      Witness et al also invading.

      Yesterday I was looking for a zhitija on the net and I stumbled on a
      site (http://svd.org.ru/start/index.php) which at first appeared to be
      Baptist (judging by the logo), but I realized that it was RC. If you are
      not Orthodox, you may not even realize that you are on an non-Orthodox
      site. The first article was about a "Catechism College" in Baranovichi,
      Belarus, where classes are conducted/* in Russian*/. Belarus has a
      substantial RC population, which is made up mostly of ethnic Poles and
      some Belorussians. One would think that this College would be conducting
      classes in Polish or possibly Belorussian , but since Poles are already
      Catholic and are not in need of R/C catechism, whom better to
      proselityze among than Russians? I was then shocked to click on the
      Moscow link and see that the RC church in Moscow is named St Olga. Of
      all the RC saints they could have chosen, they had to pick a Russian
      saint? How sneaky and perfidious. Why didn't they name their church
      after one of their "martyrs," whom they believe to have been "martyred"
      by the Orthodox? Or were they afraid that the Orthodox of Moscow would
      run them out of the city?

      Everyone who thinks that they have the "real and untarnished" Orthodoxy
      need to get their heads out of the sand and face the reality and
      seriousness of the situation as it is today in Russia.


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