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  • Ray Gadke
    Feb 3, 2005
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      The SVDs are a Roman Catholic missionary order - the Society of the
      Divine Word - that was founded in Germany and later relocated in the
      Netherlands during the Kulturkampf, but remaining primarily a German
      order. The SVDs had missionaries in the pre-World War I German
      colonies in Africa and New Guinea and in the former Netherlands
      East Indies - now Indonesia, as well as in India and China. They
      have a large American foundation in Techny, northwest of Chicago.

      The two gentlemen pictured in the SVD website are Pater Arnold Janssen,
      the founder of the order, and Pater Joseph Freinademetz, a SVD missionary
      in China who was martyred. Both were recently beatified by the pope. It
      appears that Paters Janssen and Freinademetz are being invoked as
      patrons and protectors of the work of the Society of the Divine Word
      in the Slavic lands - part of the German Roman Catholic "Drang nach Osten."

      Ray Gadke

      >Yesterday I was looking for a zhitija on the net and I stumbled on a
      >site (http://svd.org.ru/start/index.php) which at first appeared to be
      >Baptist (judging by the logo), but I realized that it was RC. If you are
      >not Orthodox, you may not even realize that you are on an non-Orthodox
      >site. The first article was about a "Catechism College" in Baranovichi,
      >Belarus, where classes are conducted/* in Russian*/. Belarus has a
      >substantial RC population, which is made up mostly of ethnic Poles and
      >some Belorussians. One would think that this College would be conducting
      >classes in Polish or possibly Belorussian , but since Poles are already
      >Catholic and are not in need of R/C catechism, whom better to
      >proselityze among than Russians? I was then shocked to click on the
      >Moscow link and see that the RC church in Moscow is named St Olga. Of
      >all the RC saints they could have chosen, they had to pick a Russian
      >saint? How sneaky and perfidious. Why didn't they name their church
      >after one of their "martyrs," whom they believe to have been "martyred"
      >by the Orthodox? Or were they afraid that the Orthodox of Moscow would
      >run them out of the city?
      >Everyone who thinks that they have the "real and untarnished" Orthodoxy
      >need to get their heads out of the sand and face the reality and
      >seriousness of the situation as it is today in Russia.
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