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13586RE: [orthodox-synod] Re: music our kids listen to

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  • Fr. Alexis Duncan
    Feb 1, 2005
      Classical is the least of our worries I feel. Of course
      during Lent it is avoided by most families. Actually,
      growing up I heard it at home and became interested on my
      own. Now that I am growing older, I have little taste for
      it. Odd.

      There are some very interesting theories about music. The
      Greeks had the various modes classified as to the effects
      they had on the soul. Seems reasonable to me. Perhaps
      someone with more knowledge about this can offer these

      Maybe there is really not much we can do about kids (or
      adults!) listening to head-banging music. The culture of
      head-bangers is what is frightening. I recently saw a couple
      of "blogs" (bizarre things aren't they...for the Andy Warhol
      fame seekers) of Orthodox Christians that listed their
      favorite bands...head-bangers! Can you imagine...treatises
      on ascetic life, prayer and.......head-bangers.


      Fr. Alexis Duncan
      Joy of All Who Sorrow Russian Orthodox Church
      Atlanta, GA

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      From: Reader Michael Malloy
      Sent: Monday, January 31, 2005 11:59 PM
      To: orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Re: music our kids listen to

      Two comments:

      The "Heavy Metal" thing in Columbus was blown way out of
      proportion by
      the local media here. And I very much believe too much was
      made over
      the fans of this stuff. It was presented in a normal way, as
      if this
      stuff was good for people. THAT makes me sick.

      On the comments about good music to listen to, I could go on
      for hours
      but I don't want to clutter the list and I can't stay up
      that late anyway.

      Just this past weekend our priest spoke about the effects of
      but he was talking more about classical music. I think
      there are some
      extremes that were mentioned which I don't agree with. For
      Mozart was on the list of composers considered somewhat
      dangerous. OK,
      so Mozart was a Mason, and his operas are...well, they're
      Opera by its nature is very un-Orthodox Christian. The
      went into Goethe and other philosphers who were infulential
      in the
      19th century. I guess Richard Strauss is right out if you
      want to be
      picky about it. I happen to love his music and I disagree
      with his
      sources of inspiration. I've played orchestral music by R.
      Strauss -
      Don Juan, Till Eulenspiegle, etc. It is very well crafted

      What do the rest of you think about classical music? Where
      do you draw
      the lines?
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