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13585RE: [orthodox-synod] music our kids listen to

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  • Fr. Alexis Duncan
    Feb 1, 2005
      You mention coming to church twice a week. Father, you
      indeed are a fanatic!

      Actually I tried once to suggest to someone that a good
      "barometer" of a healthy family life is their attendance at
      the Vigil on Saturdays and feasts. The ones who make this a
      point seem better off. Of course, it is just a barometer
      that reflects that the parents do a far greater job at home.
      Then I have seen families where the children are far from
      the Church and begin to be big trouble; parents who never
      wanted to impose on the children to bring them to church and
      the and then they weep in disbelief and ask "Why?". In the
      end it seems that the parents are the ones we need to reach.


      Fr. Alexis Duncan
      Joy of All Who Sorrow Russian Orthodox Church
      Atlanta, GA

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      My approach as a parent and priest has been to look for
      opportunity to immerse the senses of my children (both
      kinds) in
      Orthodox culture and/or the best of the "fallen good" of
      culture. This is often time consuming and expensive and so I
      fall short since I am far from being unselfish. I have
      though, been able
      to recognize the difference when efforts are made.
      I tell new/young parents to keep this kind of music out of
      their homes,
      to severely limit TV viewing (better to not even have one),
      etc. and
      conversely present beautiful music and images as much as
      Coming to Church at least twice a week saves a lot of work
      on the
      parents' part!
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