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  • Reader Michael Malloy
    Jan 31, 2005
      Two comments:

      The "Heavy Metal" thing in Columbus was blown way out of proportion by
      the local media here. And I very much believe too much was made over
      the fans of this stuff. It was presented in a normal way, as if this
      stuff was good for people. THAT makes me sick.

      On the comments about good music to listen to, I could go on for hours
      but I don't want to clutter the list and I can't stay up that late anyway.

      Just this past weekend our priest spoke about the effects of music,
      but he was talking more about classical music. I think there are some
      extremes that were mentioned which I don't agree with. For instance,
      Mozart was on the list of composers considered somewhat dangerous. OK,
      so Mozart was a Mason, and his operas are...well, they're operas!
      Opera by its nature is very un-Orthodox Christian. The discussion
      went into Goethe and other philosphers who were infulential in the
      19th century. I guess Richard Strauss is right out if you want to be
      picky about it. I happen to love his music and I disagree with his
      sources of inspiration. I've played orchestral music by R. Strauss -
      Don Juan, Till Eulenspiegle, etc. It is very well crafted music.

      What do the rest of you think about classical music? Where do you draw
      the lines?

      With a bachelor of music (musicology) I am influenced by my
      experiences and my studies. I firmly believe classical music is almost
      100% perfectly good for Christians to listen to.

      Reader Michael Malloy
      Columbus OH
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