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13354Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Holy feast of the Nativity

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  • michael nikitin
    Jan 6, 2005
      Dear Vladimir and List,

      May the Birth of Christ bring joy to everyone!

      I too would like this schism resolved. How can this dialogue between
      the Synod and those in Europe begin? Should a proposal be written to the Synod
      and the faithful of this List, initiating dialogue on the matters which were not
      handled correctly? This would at least show the faithful of ROCOR who
      is sincere in their quest for reunion. The Synod should not brush this
      chance at reconciliation. It would not be in the best interest of Orthodoxy if they did not
      want dialogue for reconciliation. No time was wasted in our dialogue with MP and none
      should be with our brethren in Christ.

      What better time than the Birth of Christ to initiate reconciliation. Christ came to us
      in Peace and Love.The ROCOR clergy of all countries would be waiting with Love to embrace this dialogue.

      I ask our Synod of bishops to embrace this chance to bring our brethren in Christ
      back to our fold. If our bishops brush this chance aside they will be taking a grave sin
      upon themselves. Schism is a terrible sin and time will tell who is at fault if no attempt at reconciliation is reciprocated. Let's not be the ones at fault. Let us have this dialogue.

      We faithful should petition our bishops for dailogue to reconcile with our brethren,
      who because of some misunderstandment are no longer part of us.

      The misunderstandment as I recall stems from some of the clergy not being able to
      take time off from their jobs at such short notice, to attend a meeting which was held
      some distance from them. They were then forbidden to serve. Shouldn't the date been
      changed to accomodate these clergy? It was with haste that the Synod condemned these clergy. No attempt at reconciliation will be seen as a sign of no Love in Christ.

      Lord have Mercy!

      Michael Nikitin

      vkozyreff <vladimir.kozyreff@...> wrote:

      Dear Nick,

      I am sad to see that some know so little about the tragedy of our
      separation, in spite of it having been discussed so many times on
      this forum. Please see just, for instance, recent messages 13259,
      11135, 10822. There are dozens of others, relating our disagreement
      with Vl Ambrose, with Vl Mark, the condemnation of Vl Varnava, etc.
      There have been hot debates with Father Alexander Lebedeff on this

      I am sad because schism is a sin that is so horrible that even the
      blood of the martyrs cannot redeem it. Some look at it so calmly and
      do not know what happened.

      How can you imagine that Christians "left the Church due to their own
      free will"? Do you really believe that we just simply walked out?

      Our priests were condemned and excluded without being heard for
      having opinions "not in line with the actual position of ROCOR".

      How come we do not, all of us, pray God every day to have this schism
      resolved? It is the most horrible event in the history of ROCOR, at
      the eve of its union with the MP.

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

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