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13098Commemoration of the Heterodox

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  • Hristofor
    Dec 2, 2004
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      Paul O. BARTLETT пишет:

      > If this statment is so valuable, would it be possible for someone
      >to summarize it in English for the benefit of those who do not know
      >Russian. ("You say you're Orthodox? How come you don't speak
      >Russian?" Sound familiar, anyone?)
      A believer [in Russia] for many years included the names of those
      unbaptised. Recently, the lady at the candle stand categorically refused
      to accept commemoration slips with those unbaptised. What should I do?
      Is this a sin which needs to be confessed? It is fearful to be
      disobedient and it is fearful to hear the answer, that I must exclude
      the names of my dearest and also strip them of prayerful support of the
      Church, in the hopes of [eventually] seeing them Orthodox.

      The response from Fr Tihon: The lady was correct. Commemoration slips
      for the Proskomedia may only contain the names of the baptised. For
      those who unfortunately are not Orthodox Christians, you must pray for
      them with all your heart at home, give alms [in their name], light a
      candle for them at an ikon, but I repeat, their names may not be
      commemorated at the Proskomedia.
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