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13094Re: [orthodox-synod]Advocating secession!?  Was: About the  MP/ "Yes. there is a God".

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  • michael nikitin
    Dec 1, 2004
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      I don't think Fr.Sergei understands. Metr.Sergei - the MP - were one with the atheistic
      Soviet Government. That is why the New Martyrs of Russia were murdered and Metr.Sergei and those with him were not. Of course, the Soviets even murdered some of their own they did not trust.

      And yes, they were murdered because they believed in God. Many Martyrs died for God, because they did not bow down to the idols, just as the New Martyrs of Russia did not bow down to Metr.Sergei's Declaration of 1927. The MP's joys were the Godless Soviet joys (destroying the churches, forbidding babies to be baptized or to bring children to communion, giving communion to Roman Catholics etc.). Bishops and priests didn't have to be asked if they believed in God. Not recognizing Metr.Sergei and the Declaration of 1927 showed this.

      St. Joseph of Petrograd is the New Martyr who was not canonized as Saint by MP because he organized the Catacomb Church and Anathematized the MP. Many excuses are made for his not being canonized. He won't be canonized, he'll just blend in when the MP receives their legitimacy from ROCOR(L).

      Metr. Sergei, by signing 1927 Declaration showed that he was going to work and support Soviet Government. Because of this many bishops and priests refused to recognize Metr.Sergei and his bishops. Those who didn't recognize him wound up in concentration camps.

      MP's bishops were KGB agents and that's why they were able to travel abroad and spread their propaganda that there is no prosecution of the Church and faithful in Soviet Union.

      The Catacomb Church was persecuted. Metr.Sergei and his MP Church was not. They
      helped the Soviets persecute.

      Michael N

      Excerpt of letter from St.Metr.Philaret:
      "What then is the "Soviet church"? Archimandrite Constantine has
      often and insistently stated that the most horrible thing that the God-hating
      regime has done in Russia is the creation of the "Soviet church," which the
      Bolsheviks presented to the people as the true Church, having driven the
      genuine Orthodox Church into the catacombs or into the concentration

      This pseudo-church has been twice anathematized. His Holiness
      Patriarch Tikhon and the All-Russian Church Sobor anathematized the
      Communists and *all their collaborators.* This dread anathema has not
      been lifted till this day and remains in force, since it can be
      lifted only by a similar All-Russian Church Sobor, as the canonical
      supreme ecclesiastical authority. And a terrifying thing happened in 1927,
      when the head of the Church, Metropolitan Sergius, by his infamous and
      apostate Declaration, subjected the Russian Church to the Bolsheviks and
      proclaimed collaboration with them. And thus in a most exact sense was
      fulfilled the expression in the prayer at the beginning of Confession: "having
      fallen under their own anathema"! For in 1918 the Church
      anathematized all the confederates of Communism, while in 1927 she herself joined the
      camp of these collaborators and began to laud the red, God-hating regime
      to laud the red beast spoken of in the Apocalypse."

      "Rev. Sergei Overt" <frsovert@...> wrote:
      Michael, here you are completely incorrect.
      The struggle was not against Metropolitan
      Sergius or the MP. Although such a movement
      did exist as something within Russian Orthodoxy.
      The New Martyrs suffered
      for Christ and their belief in God as Orthodox
      Christians and all it implies in a truly spiritual
      They were martyred by those who wanted to create
      a "religion free", **godless** society.
      The Soviet system was set on destroying all
      expression of any type of religiosity.
      All religion was declared the "opium of the people".
      They were so set in their incorrect ways that
      it was believed that entire classes or groups
      (Orthodox clergy were the main group) of people
      had to be destroyed in order for them to
      create their "perfect godless world" free of
      "religious fiction".
      I doubt Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky) would have
      had a desire for the same ideals.

      Here is a perfect example from the Holy New Martyrs
      of Russia.
      The Sixty Priests martyred in the Taiga of
      As each one of them was led
      up to a ditch, a common grave prepared for
      these ****undesirable elements**** of "progressive"
      Soviet society - ****Orthodox priests****, to be shot,
      each one was asked the same question by the
      political commissar.
      One by one: "You are taking your last
      breath; tell us, is there a God or not?".
      The reply of these holy men was firm
      and confident: " Yes, there is a God!"
      Each one answered the same - "yes ,
      there is a God" and each time a shot
      was fired and one by one they murdered
      all sixty priests and buried them in an
      unmarked common grave.
      Did it matter if perhaps, some of these
      priests ( lets say, perhaps we don't know),
      were commemorators of Metropolitan Sergius and some were
      commemorators of Metropolitan Peter?
      What mattered was that they were ALL ORTHODOX priests
      and they did not deny God and His truth at the last moment.
      They are ALL holy New Martyrs of Russia!

      We have no right living in today's comfort
      to judge any of the holy New Martyrs of Russia
      as to "what jurisdiction" they belonged to!

      Fr. Sergei Overt

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      > New Martyrs were martyrs because they refused to recognize
      > Metr. Sergius and MP as a Church.
      > We know that Patr. Tikhon anathematized the MP.
      > St. Joseph of Petrograd is the new martyr who was not
      > canonized as Saint by MP because
      > he organized the Catacomb Church and Anathematized the MP.
      > Michael N

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