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13090Re: Commemoration of the Heterodox (Was: Excellent advice from Fr. Tikhon Shevkunov)

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  • aprmih
    Dec 1, 2004
      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, Hristofor <hristofor@m...>

      > ... On the bright side, I think that most people know not
      > to ask for panihida for a non-Orthodox... I hope...

      > Hristofor

      The problem is that people are under the impression that, in denying
      such things, the priests are being "mean" and are unjustly punishing
      the heterodox for simply for being heterodox. Therefore some of them
      take it upon themselves to right this "injustice" by omitting the
      identity of the person to the priest.

      When the question about panikhidas came up at one of our ROCA youth
      conferences (many, many years ago), one of the speakers explained
      that the reason the Church "forbids" panikhidas for non-Orthodox is
      out of pity and not out of "meanness". The reasoning being that the
      non-Orthodox would derive little (if any) benefit from a panikhida
      and that therefore the soul of the departed would, instead of being
      comforted and helped, suffer even more at being reminded what it's
      missing (needless to say, if I completely misunderstood this
      explanation, would someone please correct me?).

      Perhaps I'm wrong about this, but I think that for most of the
      cradle orthodox attending that conference, this was the first time
      they heard the question explained in this manner. I will even go so
      far as to say that it's likely that the priests who performed
      panikhidas for the non-orthodox were not aware of the reasoning
      behind the rule. My question is why? Why did it take 22 years for
      someone to give me such a reasonable explanation? I went to Russian
      school! I attended Zakon Bozhii! I even paid attention! ;-) Why is
      it that up until that conference, the best anyone could say is "we
      don't sing panikhidas for them because they are not orthodox"???

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