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12775Re: MP nachala sud! Bozos in the woodwork!

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  • vkozyreff
    Oct 23, 2004
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      Dear Vova,

      Your argument that tsars are acceptable for illiterate nations and
      have no place in literate nations is not orthodox thinking. Your
      view is humanistic, not faith oriented.

      According to the orthodox thinking, we are on earth to work for our
      salvation. Giving the power to the literate majority rather than to
      an anointed tsar is assuming that literacy (intellectual knowledge)
      is what saves, not faith and rectitude.

      The enlightenment considers that faith is darkness and intellectual
      science is light. This is free mason thinking.

      We, orthodox, consider that faith, not science is what leads us to
      God. God is not to be found in humanism, in scientific or
      philosophic research but in prayer and faith. For us, faith is light
      and science, unless inspired by faith is darkness (nuclear weapons,
      human cloning, abortion,…). That is the meaning of the original sin,
      of the three of knowledge of good and evil, of man wanting to be God
      by his own force.

      The majority rule among knowledgeable people endlessly fighting one
      another in political debates has nothing to do with our salvation.
      It makes sense for an orthodox to have a government that is in
      symphony with the Church.. Of course, we understand that the enemies
      of Russia and of Christ had and have another agenda.

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, antiquariu@a... wrote:
      > In a message dated 10/22/2004 6:47:04 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      > ourlittlecity@a... writes:
      > Please submit your evidience that Monarchies possess Divine Right.
      > Please submit your evidence that Monarchial Rule is inherently
      > over
      > other types of government?
      > Dear in-Christ List!
      > The questions above were addressed to Vladimir Kozyreff, not to
      me. Due to
      > strange cuttign and pasting, I somehow received credit for the
      leading quote.
      > For the record, I do not believe in monarchial divine right,
      and do not
      > accept the notion of "God-anointed sovereigns" of any ilk, nor do
      I feel that
      > marchies are inherently sanctified, or, for that matter, even
      > As I said before, they served a valid role for largely illiterate
      > gullible populations. In my opinion, they cannot and should not
      have a role today.
      > Vova Hindrichs
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