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12725Re: [orthodox-synod] MP nachala sud! Bozos in the woodwork!

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  • antiquariu@aol.com
    Oct 21, 2004
      In a message dated 10/21/2004 8:21:10 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      vladimir.kozyreff@... writes:

      1. US support to the 1917 revolution

      Regarding John Dunn's question (I want more information to buttress
      the idea that Americans took pleasure in the Revolution of 1917), I
      would like to recall the fact that the revolution was part of the
      war waged by the Jews against the last Christian Monarchy of Divine
      Right, in which they considered to be persecuted. The US did not
      take side for the Orthodox Monarchy against the Jews in this war.

      America! What a country! What planet does Vladimir Kozyreff come from
      anyway? Sometimes I wonder if this freedom of speech thing is out of control,
      because we allow folks like the above to voice their opinions. Tell me,
      Vladimir, do you believe in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion also? The
      revolution happened because of an inept monarch, a corrupt government, a bloated
      aristocracy, and lots of hungry Russians. He was indeed a passion bearer, but it
      didn't change the fact that a leader has to lead, and Nicholas II lacked the
      innate ability to lead hungry troops to the chow hall. All of the excuses
      in the world don't change that, and calling yourself god-anointed does not
      make you perfect. Byzantium fell for the same reason, without the benefit of a
      Jewish Communist plot. And if it hadn't been Lenin and Trotsky, it would
      have been someone else within a short period of time. Absolute monarchs and
      enlightened despots work well when you have a populace which is illiterate and
      gullible. They don't do well if anyone decides to think, regardless of how
      much God-annointing is going on. The English started coming to terms with this
      problem at Runnymede, the Germans with the Revolution of 1848, the French
      (Ah! the French...) started lopping off heads with the collapse of the ancien
      regime at the close of the 18th century. Interestingly, only the British
      retained their monarchy, because the existential precepts of that monarchy had
      been redefined.

      Vladimir, I'm afraid that if you had been this outspoken during the days of
      the sainted Tsar, you would be one of the first to get to do a tour of exile
      in the Magadan Oblast, where you too would become a revolutionary due to your
      need to question.

      In Christ,

      Vova Hindrichs

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