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12302Re: "Fr. Nikita Orloff - Now a Bishop?"

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  • vkozyreff
    Sep 8, 2004
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      Dear Father Alexander, bless.

      You say that I am inconsistent because I say that you made an
      innuendo, but asked the same question as you did.

      I did not make understand myself properly. In fact, I just repeated
      your question, as an invitation for you to give an answer, because I
      think you know it.

      The innuendo is when the accuser asks the question without answering
      it and suggests that Vl Antony was made bishop in spite of being
      married. It is not an innuendo when I insist on getting an answer,
      which I think, is honourable. I understand Vl Antony's and his
      matushka have both mutually agreed to pronounce monastic vows, so
      there is no canonical obstacle, contrarily to the case of MP's Alexii
      II, for instance.

      Regarding the disappearance of Archbishop Antony's personal
      belongings, I read another description of the facts, which was
      submitted to this forum, and which appeared for a short time but was
      then quickly taken back for being a "proxy". It also speaks about
      Father Nikita Orloff being summoned to present himself before the
      Synod and apologising for slandering clergy.

      I am told that Father Nikita Orloff did apologise, did confess and
      was pardoned. Is this not true?

      Do we Christians not consider that a sin must be punished only once,
      and that confessed sins can be pardoned, that is to say erased? Do we
      not believe that

      Luke 15:7
      there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents
      than over ninetynine righteous persons who do not need to repent?

      I remember having a discussion with Father Stefan Pavlenko who
      reported being abused by one of Vl Ambrose's opponents in Brussels.
      We agreed with Father Stefan that this incident should not be
      mentioned any longer, because that man prostrated himself before
      Father Stefan and asked forgiveness, which Father Stefan granted.
      They then embraced one another.

      Maybe some of those that we call sinners will receive us in heaven if
      we get there. You rightly insisted, about the MP, that we should not
      be too heavy about clergy's personal sins. Do I understand you

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Fr. Alexander Lebedeff"
      <lebedeff@w...> wrote:
      > At 12:13 PM 9/1/2004, you wrote:
      > >Dear Father Stefan, bless.
      > >
      > >With regards to Father Nikita's chirotonia, we have read Father
      > >Alexander's innuendo about N. Orloff's wife thoughts after 40 years
      > >of marriage, and N. Zaharov insults (quickly followed by apologies
      > >for publishing them, not for authoring them).
      > >
      > >Would you not think that it would be time to put some Christian
      > >order in this discussion?
      > >
      > >Do you confirm that N. Orloff is anaxios for the reasons suggested?
      > >Can you tell us what Vl Antony's family thinks about his dignity?
      > >you know what Vl Antony's wife thinks about this?
      > >
      > >In God,
      > >
      > >Vladimir Kozyreff
      > I am quite amazed by this reply.
      > When I asked the question:
      > "If the rumor is true, I wonder what his wife (of some forty
      years), Pavla,
      > thinks about this. . ."
      > then Vladimir calls it "innuendo."
      > Yet he concludes his own post with virtually the same question:
      > "Do you know what Vl Antony's wife thinks about this?"
      > If the first is innuendo, why isn't the second?
      > Vladimir Kozyreff should know that it is a absolute fact that Fr.
      > Orloff, after the repose of Archbishop Antony, having received
      > to remove Archbishop Antony's personal belongings from his
      apartments under
      > the church, drove up with a **tractor trailer**, parked it on the
      > property, and proceeded to remove not only Archbishop Antony's
      > effects, but **all** of the contents of the parish and diocesan
      > including all the parish and diocesan archives, the metrical books,
      > Deeds to the property, the original Certificate of Incorporation,
      all the
      > parish Metrical Records, all financial statements, the Building
      plans for
      > the church, the soils reports, the building and zoning permits, all
      > historical documents and photographs, all minutes of parish
      meetings, --
      > basically all the documents, including official corporate documents
      of the
      > parish.
      > He also took icons from the Church, Church books and liturgical
      > vestments (which were bought and paid for by the parish and its
      > Sisterhood--not by Archbishop Antony personally, and so belong to
      > parish), and even the rug runners out of the church (he later
      returned these).
      > He also took several irreplaceable pre-revolutionary books that
      belonged to
      > me personally, which I had loaned to Archbishop Antony, and refused
      > return them to me when asked.
      > All this was seen by the parishioners of our church, so there is no
      > about the truth of the matter.
      > So there is no doubt that he stole all of this from our church, so
      > accusations about theft are completely true.
      > Vladimir also asks:
      > "Can you tell us what Vl Antony's family thinks about his dignity?"
      > The answer is yes.
      > When the question arose of Metropolitan Vitaly wishing to ordain
      > Nikita Orloff to the priesthood, all of his brothers and sisters
      wrote a
      > Petition to Metropolitan Vitaly informing him that they were all
      aware of
      > serious canonical impediments to this ordination and begging the
      > Metropolitan not to do this.
      > The brother, Eugene Orloff, is Secretary of the Parish Council and
      a Senior
      > Engineer at Boeing, where he has worked for over 40 years. His
      > Natalie, is the Head of our Sisterhood.
      > The eldest sister is Nun Euphemia, who prior to her tonsure was a
      > of Foreign Languages for many years.
      > The next sister is Dr. Natalie Saltykoff, the Head of Pathology at
      > John's Hospital, and also a member of our Parish Council and
      > of our Parish's Fund for the Needy.
      > The next sister is Olga Orloff, who has two Master's Degrees in
      Nursing and
      > Hospital Administration, and works as a hospital administrator.
      > The last sister is Matushka Helen Skvor, wife of Protodeacon George
      > who has been a teacher for over thirty years.
      > All of them are professional people, well respected, and (apart
      from Sister
      > Euphemia) are active members of our parish.
      > They, of course, know their brother from infancy.
      > When all five brothers and sisters write an Appeal asking that
      > brother not be ordained for signbificant canonical reasons--this
      must taken
      > very seriously.
      > More serious, even, is the fact that the long time Father Confessor
      > Nikita Orloff, Protopriest Theodore Martynenko, who had served at
      the Los
      > Angeles Cathedral from 1965 to 1982, also wrote a formal letter to
      > Metropolitan Vitaly, informing him that significant canonical
      > existed to the ordination of Nikita Orloff.
      > Even further, the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church
      > of Russia, after having viewed a videotape of Nikita Orloff
      screaming and
      > yelling and slandering the senior bishops of the Synod using the
      > words, called Deacon Nikita Orloff to present himself before the
      Synod, and
      > after examining him in person and receiving an apology, passed a
      > declaring that in no way could Deacon Nikita Orloff ever be
      ordained to the
      > priesthood.
      > His ordination to the priesthood, therefore, took place in
      violation of a
      > Synodal Resolution, a Petition against such ordination by his
      > Father, and a Petition against such an ordination signed by all
      five of his
      > brothers and sisters.
      > Such a situation is unheard of in the Church.
      > With love in Christ,
      > Prot. Alexander Lebedeff
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