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12300Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: "Fr. Nikita Orloff - Now a Bishop?"

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  • for4z@aol.com
    Sep 8, 2004
      In a message dated 9/8/2004 5:07:24 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      irene.goossens@... writes:
      Why doesn't the ROCOR (L) leave The ROCE alone and
      clean up their own mess instead of justifying it, while allow our
      Saviour to be the Judge of this awful division?

      There are members of our Russian Church Outside Russia, who are considering
      leaving our Church and joining the group formed around Metropolitan Vitaly. If
      I know of spiritually dangerous people, I feel it my Christian duty to make
      this information known.

      Earlier, somebody showed concern for "our children" reading certain postings
      on this list. I was a teenager when I was forced to witness Nikita Orloff
      screaming and choking his brother at our parish meeting (immediately following
      Liturgy and Holy Communion), and one of Nikita's sympathizer's attempt to punch
      my frail 85 year old grandfather, (Bishop Kyrill stepped in and took the punch
      instead). These events left a very deep impression on me as a youth. I
      don't remember John Chaplain being in our parish at that time. If he were, he
      would not be defending the undefensible.

      In my opinion, business of a new Bishop of Gadarene has nothing to do with

      -Nick Zaharov

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